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10 Tips You Need To Know Before Your Pre-Wedding

Posted on April 25 2018

10 Tips You Need To Know Before Your Pre-Wedding

prewedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photo shoot s are the perfect opportunity to create precious memories with your partner that you will cherish for the rest of your lives; a memory in picture that will possibly be put up on the coffee table or the wall for your children to grow up looking at. An excellent way to spent some quality time with your love, to call a pre-wedding photo shoot simply fun is an understatement.

Not only do you take gorgeous pictures together that symbolize and reflect your love but they also allow you to develop a special bond with your partner; one of comfort, one of ease, and one of being yourself around each other.

Besides, what better way to tell the world that you are taking the plunge? All in all, a pre-wedding photo shoot must be able to capture the true essence of your love. The excitement that comes with pre-wedding jitters, the happiness and joy of finally being together, the fresh and unfamiliar feeling of being in a new relationship and most importantly, your endless a love for one another; that is what a pre-wedding shoot is all about.

If you are planning on having your pre-wedding photo shoot , here are our top ten tips to consider beforehand as they will help you prepare and execute your venture with perfection. Look and feel your absolute best and make lifelong memories by following these tips.

1. Know Your Style

First thing's first it is important to understand your idea and your concept. It is very easy to get carried away in the excitement of things. Often times we end up trying to do too much. Remember to keep it simple and focused. Pick a favourite style of photography and the kind of vibe you are going for. Whilst some opt for the cheesy signature poses, other wish to be more creative with their memories often opting for styles like miniature shoots, themes, and the ever so famous, story telling concept that reflects the story of coming together. 

2. Pick Your Unique Locations

We all have our favourites when it comes to scenery and photo shoot backdrops. Some like the ocean, others an open field, whilst some like the unique localities like a market perhaps. Selecting your favorite location is crucial to determine a matching piece of outfit, makeup and hairdo styles and the best photographer that can deliver the outcome that you desired.

There are various themes nowadays such as the natural scene reflecting mountains and forest greens, casual portrait at the comfort of home that reflects the true personality of the couple or even special effects that leaves magical touch to the photo. Once finalised the theme, discuss it over with your photographer about feasibility. You can also decide on the best photoshooting places available locally or even overseas if you like to have a pre-wedding trip to your favorite destinations.

3. Select Your Preferred Photographer and Makeup Artist

Before having your shoot, you must arrange a meeting with your photographer and your makeup artist beforehand to discuss the specifics like your personal makeup style, photography theme, and general idea of what you have in mind. These two are the main curators of your creative masterpiece therefore you must make sure to sort out every detail with them to avoid any last minute mix up.

Your photographer will be able to give you a clearer view of your concept by putting the pieces together and painting a vivid picture of how he will execute it all the while making sure that everything stays true to your style. Your makeup artist will further be able to guide you about what makeup look will work best for you according to the theme and concept. Go over every detail.

You also need to know the duration needed to complete the photoshoot. Typically a single theme will take half a day so make sure your changing studio is near to your photoshooting location. Ideally is to have a team of photographer and makeup artist that is mobile and able to travel along with you. Also look into their portfolio pictures to get an idea of their style and work quality. 

4. Gown Fitting

Finalize your gown two to three months prior to your shooting date as it might take some time before you find the perfect gown. There is a frequent occurrence of women losing or gaining weight close to the big day. These weight fluctuations often prevent you from attaining your perfect fit. It is your big day. Make sure to get your gown tailored to your size and try on the gown one week ahead to avoid last minute disappointment on photoshooting day.You deserve you look and feel your best so do not take any risks that you may regret later. 

5. Make Your Skin Glow

You want to look your best on the most important day of your life? Start getting your life together by starting off with a healthy diet and a proper exercise regime. Gradually switch to a healthier lifestyle to look like the best version of yourself. You will notice soon that you not only look great but feel great too.

Along with looking fit, there is another thing you need to start taking care of and that is your skin. People often underestimate the importance of fresh and healthy skin. We live very busy lives and often fail to pay attention to ourselves. The last thing you want to look on your shoot day is tired and exhausted.

Instead you must look and feel like a radiant goddess. Healthy and hydrated skin enables your makeup to sit better on it. Focus on your skin by establishing a skincare routine and following it religiously. For ultimate convenience, consider having facial at home treatment so you can save time and money at the same time. There are many reasonable package that provides good quality service hence you need spend wisely in order not to blow your budget prior to your actual day wedding.

Every single detail does make a difference to the final outcome of the photograph. Treat yourself to bridal manicure pedicure because they will make sure you look polished in your photographs. You can choose a simple design for your pre-wedding photoshoot and leave the bridal accessories and nail art to your actual day wedding. It's really up to your own personal choice.

6. Add Beauty Sleep To Your Routine

Make up for all those lost hours of sleep by following a strict routine. To look and feel your absolute best, you must at no cost look tired or exhausted. Beauty sleep is a must. In addition to that, monitor your water intake. It is crucial to stay hydrated. We often tend to get carried away in our busy routines and forget about ourselves.

Water is an absolute necessity if you wish to steer clear of puffy eyes and dry, quenched skin. One might think editing will do the trick but the results are never as good as the real thing. Start our regime at least a month before the shoot for the best outcome.

7. Fresh Bouquet

Order your bouquet in advance and have it delivered to you on the same day of photoshooting if possible. If they have to deliver it one day before, never store your bouquet in the fridge. Instead, the best way to keep it fresh is to store it in a container filled with water in a temperature controlled room. This will ensure that your bouquet does not wilt and looks as fresh as it can be on the big day. After all, the close-up bouquet shots are some of the most beautiful ones.

8. Backup Undergarment and Shoes

Sweat is an undeniable truth and you want to steer as far away from it as you can. You underwear has to deal with the majority of the outcome so it is always wise to carry a backup bra in case things get hot and heavy. The last thing you want is your silicon bra to lose its adhesion.

Bring an extra pair of slippers with your self on the day shoot. You may have to walk a lot and you wouldn't want to do so with your heels all the time. Change into your slippers in between so your feet do not get tired or bruised. 

9. Have Fun

Most importantly, trust your team. They are professionals and they know what is best for you. Let them do their part and just go with the flow. Sometimes there may be small hiccups but be patient and stay positive that things will work out fine. The professionals have deep experience in what they do and the only vow is to make your experience an unforgettable one. Just enjoy and have fun with your partner during the photoshooting day. That is all that matters. 

10. Calculate Your Budget

Last but not the least, know your budget so you will not blow them up and end in frustration. Decide if you need to outsource everything to a wedding planner, or speak directly to bridal house or even individual service provider. There are many options out there to fulfill your needs and budget. So need not be worry that having little budget means low quality production. You might just need to spend more time in research and comparison. 

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