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5 Latest Trends in Bridal Makeup Styles for 2018

Posted on February 21 2018

5 Latest Trends in Bridal Makeup Styles for 2018

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding. It is the most important day of your life. It is the day you and your significant other venture on a new journey together; one of understanding, affection, and devotion. A transition as major as this calls for a celebration. When it is your day, you deserve to look and feel your absolute best. Bridal makeup is a crucial aspect of the wedding. It is never just the dress. Your dress might be the most beautiful gown you have ever laid eyes on but if your makeup is not done well, it can destroy your whole look.

On the contrary, your dress might be a very basic and simple number with not much going on but if your makeup is on point, you will look like a goddess regardless. It is important to establish an aesthetic that is clean and cohesive. Just because it is bridal makeup does not mean that you have to overdo it. Remember; all good things in moderation.

Just like every other trend, bridal makeup trends also change with time. Whether you love a minimalist, simple and clean outlook or something lavish and extra, we have something for everyone. Following are this season’s top 5 bridal makeup trends. Let’s get started.

“No Makeup” Makeup

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Perhaps the hottest trend for this season is that of “no makeup” makeup. This trend is all about embracing your natural beauty. We assume that just because it is your wedding you have to cake on the layer on layers of makeup to hide every flaw so that we may look perfect. “No makeup” makeup believes in looking your best except without any of the layers.

Glowing radiant skin, healthy flushed cheeks, pink tinted lips, wispy lashes and wide awake eyes; these are the ingredients needed to achieve the perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

The key to nailing this look lies in the preparation i.e. all the measures you take before the big day itself. Make sure your skin is exfoliated, hydrated, and moisturized. For that sheer veil of coverage, a light foundation of tinted moisturizer is perfect to achieve that healthy glow. Our suggestion is to do a quick facial massage one day before using this effective 4in1 skincare device from Korea, Ms Circle.

Soft Smoky Glam

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We have all rocked a dark smoky eye in our youths. How could we not? It’s sultry, glamorous, edgy, and so badass. It really sets the tone for any look. As memorable as a bold smoky eye is, there is something about a soft nude brown smoky eye that just steals all the attention. The latest bridal trend is all about soft brown or nude subtle smoky eyes that are diffused and blown out to create a very imperfectly perfect look. These will bring out your eye color, enhance your eye shape and make you look more youthful. Finish the look with mascara or wispy lashes for some added glam.

Strong Instagram Brows

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Let’s all raise a toast and thank the heavens for the extinction of the 90s brow trend. 90s brows were thin, sharp, and unflattering. The worst part was that they really aged you. Well, that trend is now resting in its grave because as of late, it is all been about the full brow. Thick, strong, boyish with little or no arch: that is the perfect recipe to achieve youthful and soft looking brows that frame the face beautifully and add dimension and depth to your look.

Stick to your natural brow shape and just fill in the gaps with a pencil, pomade or brow powder for a softer look and set with a clear gel to make sure they last all night long. Add structure to your face and amplify your bridal look with perfectly bold and boyish brows.

Glistening Highlight

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know that the latest bridal makeup trend is all about the glow. Healthy, radiant and glowing skin is all anyone has been talking about and what better day to glow up to the Gods than your wedding day? Look like a delicious glazed doughnut on your big day by packing on that highlight on the high points of your face to add light and structure to your face. Highlight gives your skin a healthy flush that makes it look more hydrated and fresh. That’s all you need for your big day, isn’t it?

Oxblood Lips

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Lips are perhaps the most important element to any look because they make such a huge difference. You could have absolutely no makeup on your face and you might just be looking like a total wreck but the second you put on lipstick, you instantly look more made up. That is the power of lipstick. Bold lips speak volumes because if you are rocking a bold lip, you really don’t need anything else to complete your look. However, there is just something about nude lips that takes the cake with bridal makeup. Nude lips are rich, classy, and elegant.

They are simple, minimal and pair beautifully with just about anything. Unlike the 90s brow trend that has been safely put to rest, another 90s trend made a comeback this year and we are not complaining about it. Glossy lips are back! Rich, plump, lush, and luminous, gloss does the absolute most to make your lips look delicious.

The latest bridal trend calls for a natural and sheer tint topped off with a sheer nude or transparent gloss. Not only will this give you full plump lips but it also gives your face a very youthful glow. Make sure to exfoliate your lips prior to the big day for the best results.

From bold winged eyeliner to a simple understated nude smoky eye, there is a variety of looks that you can rock on your big day. It all comes down to personal preference because in the end it is your day and you should go with what you feel most comfortable and yourself with.

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