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5 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Posted on September 03 2019

5 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

We all want to look young, fresh and bright. Which woman doesn’t?

One of the main reasons women are attracted to putting on makeup is to make us look younger. Want youthful, glowing  healthy skin? Do you desire eyes that look doe-like and innocent? Makeup can do the trick! 

With all the YouTube makeup tutorials and on Instagram, it is still easy to get caught up and not know which practice is best for you and we end up making ourselves look more dated and aged.

 Let’s see some of the causes!

 The face

When you apply too much foundation and not it is not in an evenly spread out manner, it will cake up your face and set into your fine lines, causing the appearance of dry skin and fine lines. The harsh lines will accentuate any skin issues you intended to cover up in the first place like wrinkles, pimples, pigmentation, enlarge pores, etc.

Texture is important! If you go overboard with cream based foundation, the thick consistency (if not blended well) can make you look like a clown and create a thick line around your neck. Always thread with caution when applying creamy based foundation and use a gentle hand. Less is more!

Since before our mother’s time, us ladies have been taught to smile, and apply blush to the apples of our cheeks as ‘that’s where blush should go’. However did you know this is one of the biggest beauty misconception? This practice actually creates an unnatural shape on your face and will accentuate wrinkles. Everybody’s face shape is different so blush should actually be placed on different areas of the cheeks. Generally, the idea is to sweep blush along the top of your cheekbones to create a more streamlined look.

Concealer is a must if you want to hide any problem areas. Nowadays green concealer has gained praise for its ability to camouflage bright red spots (bye, pimples!). If blended well, green concealer can also hide and brighten dark under eye spots. However many people have gone too far and tried to cover up the entirety of their dark circles that it creates a white spot under their eyes! This actually accentuates them, not cover up.

Another big beauty trend? Thanks to the Kardashians, contouring is the number 1 makeup trend! When done right, contouring effortlessly accentuates a youthful appearance, creating a balance of light and shadow on the face that can make your features sharper and slimmer. But when done wrong, contouring can make your face look sagged and aged.

Blending is the most important aspect of contouring. So you’ll have to be patient and even out the lines between the bronzer and highlighter flawlessly. If left unblended, harsh lines will be created and the appearance of wrinkles will be more prominent.

Lastly to finish your makeup look, we tend to blot our face with a powder foundation to hide oily skin or to finish up our look. But as we get older, our skin tends to be less oily and more drier. So instead of using powder, try blotting papers which do not add any extra layer of makeup but instead to remove any excess oil.

The Eyes

Thanks to the 2000s, bold black eyeliner was a huge hit in the beauty scene. But beware! If you put too much when applying, black eyeliner on the top lid can actually weigh down the look of your lids and cause your eyes to look sleepy, thus making it look smaller.

Heavy liner on the bottom lid is also an issue as it will narrow the appearance of whites in your eye, thus making it look smaller. Instead, try an open for a dark brown liner and do not draw your water line, but at the base of your lashes as this will actually open up your eyes.

A little shimmer in your eyeshadow can be fun for any occasion. But if applied too much (almost metallic!) shimmery products will only draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area. Instead, try eyeshadow with subtle sparkle and shimmer and not those with bigger chunks of glitter.

Who doesn’t love long and thick lashes? We know getting your eyelashes done up with mascara is the finishing point of any eye makeup look. But you will have to ensure to comb your lashes with the mascara wand evenly. Clumpy mascara draws attention to lines around your eye area and can weigh your eyes down, making you look sleepy. Not to mention clumpy mascara indicates it is not fresh- bacteria alert!

Another area women tend to forget about is our brows! Having eyebrows is not enough – unkempt brows actually ruin your look as they frame the face. As we get older, our eyebrows become more sparse. (Especially if we over pluck them in the past). Just make sure to have them trimmed neatly within their natural shape with a brow pencil and you’re good to go.

Or to save even more time, get an eyebrow embroidery!

The Lips


Women generally think that a bold lip colour will give us a fuller looking pout and appear more youthful, but it is far from the truth! As we age, our lips thin out slowly, and bold shades of lipsticks can make them look even thinner.

Bright reds, oranges and dark plums accentuate the thin lines around our lip area, so try to select a more netural shade of pinks and nudes that pair with your skin tone.

Selecting the proper lipstick formula is also another important aspect. Some formulas may dry our delicate skin on the lips, making them crack and brittle. The best way to overcome this is to apply a thin layer of lip balm first, and the applying your favourite shade of lipstick.

Lipstick can begin to bleed more as you get older, because fine lines around the mouth stop your lipstick from staying in place. To avoid this, simple outline your lips with a lip liner! This ensures your lips stick stays in place and doesn’t bleed.

All in all, makeup is meant to be fun!

There’s nothing wrong with us ladies wanting to try out the latest eyeshadow shade and trend, or a new crazy cat eyeliner style. Just be mindful of your technique and what works best with your overall style.

The most important part is to not put too many trendy things together and it will look out of place and make you look cakey. Going for a bold eye look? Pair it with a subtle and softer lipstick shade. Want to show off you new fire engine red lipstick? Pair with a subtle mascara look with no heavy eyeliner.

It’s all about balance!

While a classic look is always the go to good choice, it’s important to realise that what was a classic style twenty years ago isn’t the same classic style it is today. As time goes by, styles change and we need to as well! When we wear an outdated look, we immediately give the impression of aging. Sometimes we get comfortable in our comfort zone and don’t venture out to try different looks – and that makes us look stuck.

However, the most important thing is …

Even the best makeup techniques and style won’t hide your age if you aren't taking excellent care of your skin. Hands down, skin care is essential.

Especially in our hot weather in Malaysia, we all need wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen daily is essential to avoiding dark spots, freckles and dry skin. Too much UV and sun actually ages the elasticity of our skin. So make sure you apply sunscreen daily with SPF30 and higher. You will thank yourself for it 20-30 years down the road!

At the end of the busy day, it is easy to forget to take off our makeup. We’re so tired that we just hop into the shower and wash our face. But did you know this doesn’t remove all traces of makeup? The finer particles will be stuck in our pores and can cause blemishes to appear. Bacteria built up on the pillow, no thanks! Find a good cleanser and, if you are feeling lazy, get makeup remover towels to remove all of your makeup. Never ever go to bed with makeup on!

Bottom line is… Less is more! Keep things simple, light and natural. If you want to add in an extra oomph, please go ahead! But be mindful and try to balance your look.