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How to do facial at home for quick and affordable skincare

Posted on November 28 2017

How to do facial at home for quick and affordable skincare

Looking for a facial near you? Too busy to even travel to the nearest beauty salon? In this blog post, we're sharing 6 simple steps on how to do facial at home to help you save time.

While we appreciate the beauty salon in the shopping mall or commercial center, sometimes it takes time and effort to make our way there. With today's increasingly busy lifestyles, there are busier working adults finding quick and affordable facial to squeeze into their hectic schedules. For those who have to work long hours, traveling to beauty salon after work sounds tiring enough.

If you're looking for a more efficient solution for your skin, follow these steps for facial at home to get a glowing skin without spending a bomb.

home facial SPA











Step 1
Cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup residues, pollutants, dullness and yellowness, while also gently clarifies and minimizes pores to reintroduce skin translucency. Lather the cleansing foam in your hand while mixing in water. Massage the foam in a counterclockwise circular motion until it creates a smooth foam. Apply on your face from the chin all the way up to forehead and rinse with water.

Product: Special Homecare Origin Horse Oil Cleanser

Origin: Korea


Step 2

Extraction. You can substitute with face scrub if you do not know how to extract. If you need a professional service, you can book home facial service Effortless Intensive Facial SPA Treatment. Our professional beautician is experienced enough to use cotton squeeze or tweezer method to effectively remove anything underneath the skin that will cause breakout, scar or tag. 
Eye repair
Step 3
Apply luxurious eye repair cream containing pure Gold and Cultivated tissue extracts improves skin adhesively and delivers abundance of moisture to prevent forming of wrinkles. Use thermal ion with high frequency to gently massage under eye area to stimulate cells regeneration, reduce dark circles and fine lines.



Ms Circle

Step 4 
Apply 2 pumps each SHO Hyaluronic and AA2G ampoule containing Hyaluronic Acid and Patented ingredient specially formulated for Moisturizing, Brightening and Improving skin texture and skin protection of your skin. Apply Bergamo Aqua Black Mask and use Ms Circle facial massager green LED therapy to boost nutrient absorption up to 5 times.


Ms Circle , Special Homecare Origin Ampoule, Bergamo Aqua Black Mask

Origin: Korea 

Ms Circle

Step 5
Rejuvenate with anti-wrinkle and aqua black mask with microcurrent and heat shock technology using the facial massager for home use, Ms Circle. Rotate LED color and vibration mode by tapping on the switch button at the side of Ms Circle. Remove the mask after 15mins and let the nutritious ampoule absorbed into the skin with an additional 5mins massage using Ms Circle directly on the skin. 

Product: Ms Circle, Bergamo Aqua Black Mask

Origin: Korea

Lemongrass Massage Oil

Step 6
Have 15 mins relaxing shoulder massage with the natural Lemongrass with Ginger Root massage oil. 

Product: L'clair Lemongrass with Ginger Root Oil 

Origin: Malaysia

Glow skin

Use a wet face cotton to gently wipe off residues from the massaging. Finish by applying Bergamo Toner and Emulsion to stay hydrated all day.'s done! See the glow instantly after the Intensive Facial SPA Treatment. Best of all, you can certainly do your own home facial using these recommended products and device. They're mobile, convenient and perfect for self-home facial treatment.

Effortless sends a professional therapist to your doorstep. Find out more Here about the service specially designed by our professional beautician for your comfort at home. Treatment comes with customized ampoule based on your skin condition.