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7 Reasons Why Mobile Beauty Will Make You Happier

Posted on August 20 2017

7 Reasons Why Mobile Beauty Will Make You Happier

Want to know more reasons why mobile beauty will make you happier? We have expanded the context from our previous article The pros and cons of mobile beauty after understanding more our customers' gains. 

Home Comfort

1. Ever wonder why you need to share a room with a stranger in the beauty salon? To make it worst, it can be noisy sometimes with chatting sound, people snoring or music that you don't like. Well, the truth is, space is limited and unless if you can pay high premium otherwise there is no exclusivity. 

Mobile beauty: You can snug in your favorite blanket and pillow that smells like you! Plus it's your territory, you can do anything you like. 

2. Convenience

Imagine leaving office from work feeling hungry, tired and stressed up. It adds up the tension when you still have to drive to the beauty salon while bracing through a traffic jam, parking hassle and finally causing you late to the appointment. Supposedly you have 2 hours treatment but now 30 mins lesser because your therapist needs to attend to the next customer. 

In another scenario let's look at this; having company event in the evening. You have tons of work piling up and you wish you'd booked makeup and hairdo services earlier but you were just too busy with kids, running errands and endless task to follow up with. You are pretty sure that last minute booking will end up not getting any slot in the beauty salon, so you have no choice but now you have to rush doing everything yourself.

Mobile beauty: Have a nice hot shower, watch a TV show and enjoy a good massage. In the case when you have too many meetings in between, you can also book freelance makeup artist arriving at your office! Ultimately you still look stunning even though your busy schedule makes it seems impossible! 

3. Feel at Ease 

The moment you try to avoid the most especially when one or more sales consultant is eager to produce sales. Unless if you are firm enough to say no, you will often leave burning a hole in the pocket. Most of the time you ended up paying for unnecessary products. 

Mobile beauty: Feel at ease. No pressure. Pay only when you need it. 

4. Reward Points

Traditional retail salons tend to restrict collaboration with other retailers due to competition. They use upfront payment model instead of loyalty program to entice customers. 

Mobile beauty: You are entitled to cash back and reward offers from online shopping sites due to the massive cut on overhead and operation cost bear by brick and mortar. There are many online marketplaces today offering deals and wide offerings of products and services. Isn't it nice to save half the cost while enjoying services that are pretty much the same? 

5. Personalised Matching

In terms of service level, there is a huge difference between walk-in and pre-matching. In walk-in cases, you are often served by whoever that is available at that time hence this person may or may not be your favorite. It is a big turn off when your beauty therapist doesn't understand your requirement, and they keep changing every time!

Mobile beauty: Your therapist is pre selected based on matching skills set, style and preference. Will you prefer the same therapist if they know what's best for you? We all do because we save time repeating ourselves.

6. Personal Consultation 

How often do you get unlimited beauty consultation from a consultant in the salon?  They are not always readily available for you. Normally they are not able to provide free consultation unless you walk-in to their shop.

Mobile beauty: Mobile beauty therapist is more than willing to answer your beauty inquiries anytime, anywhere. They are passionate in providing the same service level. They are flexible and friendly too! 

7. Flexible Booking 

There are times when beauty salon is fully booked especially during peak hours. You can either try booking other salons or just skip your beauty fix no matter how much you needed it.

Mobile beauty: The pool of mobile beauty therapist is much larger than a beauty salon, who, has limited manpower. The chances of getting your beauty fix are definitely higher if you are willing to try a different therapist. No more worries on late booking! 

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