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Benefits of In-Home Massage

Posted on September 24 2019

Benefits of In-Home Massage


When we think of getting a massage we picture bliss.

We make a decision to pamper ourselves and think ‘I need a moment to myself and relax. I want to get rid of the stress accumulated over the last week. I deserve this!’

So we go ahead and decide to allocate a time to do our massage. We call the massage parlour to make a booking in the next 2 hours. We are so excited and ready to get pampered!

Then the hassle begins.


It’s jam on the road! Oh no! Stress levels go up. We reach the mall to find parking, oh no it’s so crowded! So we circle around the lot trying to find one. Will we make it in time for our appointment?

Finally we reach the massage parlour with a few mins to spare. We rush to make our payment and change into the appropriate attire. We have to hurry a little so that our time spent for massage doesn’t get shaved off.

After the massage is done.. which was so good- it’s time to go home.

Repeat jam, traffic.

Doesn’t it feel like our massage was wasted? All that energy put into going out, wasting time… What should be a relaxing 2 hour massage became a 4-hour ordeal.

So why not try an in-home massage? There’s way more advantages to it!

Booking an in-home massage therapist to come to your home is just about as easy as getting a pizza delivered right to your front door.

All supplies and equipment are brought to you: massage table if requested, linens, and oils. All you need to do is the provide the space for your masseuse to do for you which can be on the sofa, bed, or even floor.

Save precious time 

You are already at home. No need to leave the house earlier to avoid the jam going for your massage. Just schedule your massage when you want it and relax knowing you don't have to rush anywhere. You can save time by doing other chores or relaxing at the comforts of home while waiting for your masseuse to arrive.

You have to be alert to drive, and alertness can actually cut short the relaxation benefits  of your massage which requires you to be relaxed. Not to mention the stress of driving and parking! Malaysian traffic jams are no joke!

After Massage Relaxation

Instead of driving home after your massage and getting stuck in traffic which can interrupt your relaxation, you can sit back in the comforts of your own home! An in home massage allows you to prolong your relaxation benefits.

Home massages enables you to prolong the benefits of relaxation massage. Especially when your massage is at the end of the day and you can take a nice bath after your massage, or even go to sleep right after. You’ll have one of the best sleeps of your life!

Quality Massage

Home massage therapists have to consider in travel times between appointments so they give fewer massages in a day and have plenty of time in between clients to recharge so you receive the highest quality massage in comparison to massage parlours where they have back to back appointments- which can dwindle down the therapist's quality of work as they do get tired for working non-stop with so little breaks in the day.

Also did you know that at a parlour your massage time is lessen by 10 minutes even if you book a full hour? Shops do this so that they can prepare in between massages and to fit in more appointments during the day.

But for a home massage, you will have your full hour. How awesome is that!

Personalised Attention















In a new environment, massage therapists naturally will interact with you more and want to find out how to give you the best massage possible as you are the only client at the time. They come to your home, so they will interact with you, maybe your family and are able to collaborate with your needs better.

Instead of dealing with the receptionist you are directly interacting with the therapist, where they can learn more about your personal preference.

Comfortable environment 

When we go to a traditional massage parlour, our senses naturally tend to be on alert as it's a new environment which can decrease our level of true relaxation. At home however, we are comfortable and have an overall sense of safety due to it being our home. Massage in a comfortable environment allows our body to fully relax and reap the full benefits of massage.

You get to wear your most comfortable clothes without judgement. You will feel more confident and in control as it is your home.

You are also more relaxed to speak up to get exactly it is what you need; more pressure, press a certain point more, adjust the lights, control the room temperature, put on your favourite music, and so on.

In a parlour, you are at the whim of your masseuse and unable to control or have any flexibility of your own experience as it is a set and fixed massage style.

Some massages require you to undress, and doing so in your own home can give you a sense of security. You can undress to the degree you want knowing you are safe.

Fits your busy schedule

Who isn’t busy in this time and age? We may all crave for a massage and truth is when we get home from work, it just takes so much effort to shower, get ready and head out to get a massage. So we forego it altogether and don’t pamper ourselves.

The convenience of in home massage session definitely allows you to get what you want when you want it. Only have 1 hour to spare in the day? Going to the parlour would probably take up that entire hour. You can get things done while waiting for that free hour to do your massage at home.

Suitable for all kinds of needs

If you’re someone with special needs, in home massage is the best to accommodate your needs especially in terms of environment and mobility. These are some examples:

Pregnant woman



Mobility may be an issue for people with special needs and going out just isn’t convenient and too much hassle. Pregnant woman and elders especially may not be able to walk or stand for long.















All in all.. everyone loves a good massage. With our busy schedules it is important to schedule in some ‘me-time’ and self care. With doorstep services it is so much easier to achieve relaxation even on our tight schedules.