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Bridal Package Vs Dinner Package: What's the difference?

Posted on October 08 2019

Bridal Package Vs Dinner Package: What's the difference?

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. For most of us anyway!

Lots of planning, time, effort and love go into planning the perfect day to celebrate your love. One of the most important factors is the bridal look. All ladies dream of looking their very best and feeling like the queen they are on this special day.


That being said, getting your makeup and hairdo done for the big day isn’t the same like any other day’s makeup and hairdo. A lot of preparation and time is spent on getting the right bridal look and it takes a lot of prep on the artist’s end to ensure you look your very best on the day.

 You wouldn’t get married without a run through or trying on different dresses before deciding on the right one, so it should be the same for your makeup and hairdo as well. 

 Bridal packages usually offers free or paid trial (Effortless’ is free!) and is an excellent way for both you and the artist to get to know each other and what you need.

However we do get some queries as to our other popular package – regular makeup and hairdo package. There is a difference and we always do not recommend you take the latter. 

To help you understand better, here are some of the key differences:

Artist Expertise


Do you wonder why bridal prices are always a little more expensive than regular makeup appointments? Surely the regular artists also do bridals and vice versa?

 Yes and no.

 Makeup artists who specialise in bridal makeup tend to have more years of experience compared to regular makeup artist. It takes years of practice and experience from doing the makeup on various types of skin tones, face shapes, skin types, makeup preferences, and so on. All of this knowledge comes from years of hands on experience.

This in turn builds their repertoire and experience in handling a variety of types of bridal styles. They will be able to recommend and suggest styles according to your face and body shape to ensure you look your best.

 Sometimes we may think we look better a certain way or have no idea what to go for, it is always nice to have an expert at hand to advice and suggest new ways to enhance our look to make us look and feel good.


Attention to detail

It’s all in the details when it comes for your big day.

 When you book a bridal package, the makeup artist will study your facial features and know where to highlight the right areas to touch up as well as problem areas that the bride wants to hide (like acne, scars, etc)

Most brides want to cover up double chin, or to contour the face to appear slimmer (as we all know the camera adds 10 pounds!). Some areas require more concealers, or a special technique to hide enlarge pores or acne, which may not be achievable with regular makeup and more on precision blending.

 Why is this done? When the camera zooms into your profile and snaps a photo, all the lines and details are visible, especially now with HD cameras. Those memories are forever, so who doesn’t want perfect and flawless skin?

For regular makeup, yes, your imperfections are hidden but it will not be as flawless. As the night passes, the imperfections may appear more visible due to sweat or if you rub or touch your face.


Better Quality Tools

 Tools do matter as we all know. The artist can be highly skilled, and you would probably still look gorgeous, but the sustainability of it will depend on the quality of the products used.

 Bridal artists uses higher quality makeup and tools to ensure you look as flawless as possible. Products such as branded department store makeup, sprays, eyeshadows, lipstick, concealers, hair sprays and so on are used. Drugstore brands are almost never used.

Finishing sprays are usually quite pricey and often used sparingly as 1 small 250ml bottle can go for RM200++. Some may not even use it for regular makeup because the price paid for the service does not justify using the finishing spray as it is too costly. 

But for brides, makeup artists use them quite liberally to ensure those tears of joy don’t ruin your mascara, and if you touch your face or when people kiss your checks (it is a happy occasion after all, lots of kisses and hugs will happen!)

 Artists will also do swatches of foundation and concealer during your trial makeup to make sure they match your skin tone, and to make sure you are not allergic to any brands just in case. This is super important! 

Lastly, usually bridal artists will include ampoules of serum to apply before putting on the makeup to fill in fine lines and smoothen out skin, and to tone down redness. This extra step makes all the difference is a rather pricey one as ampoules don’t come too cheap.


Time Spent

 When you’re getting ready for the big day, the last thing you want is your makeup artist to rush through your session.

Bridal artists usually clear out the whole day if they have a bridal booking to ensure they focus only on you that day. You are the priority. Even if they fit another appointment in they will make sure it is before yours so that they don’t have to rush off for the next appointment.

 Regular artists have to make several bookings a day to ensure they make their money’s worth, so even though they might do a decent job for you, you can ensure your makeup won’t last the day!

 Furthermore, the most in demand artists are usually booked early way in advance. It is always best to lock your artist down as soon as you have finalized the date for your wedding. The last thing you would want is a mediocre artist that you could only get last minute.

In the end, you get what you pay for. A decent, reasonable price for a makeup artist is worth it to ensure you look and feel your best. All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, and it is always a pleasure hearing people comment how beautiful you look on your wedding day!

Regular makeup artist for regular dinner dates, parties, or attending other people's weddings are perfectly good for those occasions. You will definitely look gorgeous. But for your wedding? Treat yourself and pamper yourself. You deserve it. It's your wedding after all!