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Can beauty services be more affordable?

Posted on September 18 2017

Can beauty services be more affordable?

5 other reasons to look for other than cheap beauty services

Many of us are inclined towards finding the cheapest facial or the best facial treatment nearest to us. This marks a change in consumer behavior today as we are becoming more price conscious than ever due to continuous inflation and stagnant income growth. However, besides price, we are also increasingly on the lookout for great convenience, high-quality products and skilled beauty professionals that we can rely on.  In this article, we want to share 5 other reasons to look for besides price that is equally important.

1. Long-term savings

There is an increasing number of online sites that offer heavily discounted price, especially for first trial service. Be sure of what you need before you hit the checkout button. Can those deals help you save one-time only or in the long run? Are there any terms and conditions of the one-time irresistible offer? If you’re looking at sticking to the same therapist or beautician, do some research on the beauty salon, products, and services. Can they fit into your busy schedules? Do you find that the more you visit the more you spend? Some of these questions worth pondering. Ideally, we want to save more in the long term while being comfortable with a reliable service provider. 

2. Flexibility

Cheap is one thing but how flexible are the services? Are you restricted to the same type of service every time? Ultimately we want to be able to choose our preference depending on our situational need. Can we mix our beauty services such as makeup and hairdo, facial treatment and manicure-pedicure services in one package? Most of the time we signed up three different packages at three different locations. For a busy working lady, that doesn’t sound appealing at all.

3. Sense of belonging

Often we are highly attached to the same place with the same people because that’s where we feel a sense of belonging. We love cheap prices but imagine going to new places every month just to tear off the first trial coupon? Learning individual style and preference takes time. In the beauty industry, it is the amount of personal interaction that matters.  

4. Best of both worlds

Searching for facial near me is not that hard but it may be a tall order if I need a good facial plus cheap price. If this sounds familiar to you, then what you need is the mobile beauty. This element of convenience in beauty industry is not new anymore as more people today strive to find reliable and accessible services. Although it may not be extremely cheap, it does help you save significant time when your service arrives at your doorstep.

5. Opportunity cost

It’s nice to pamper ourselves once in a while but we don’t always get this luxury especially with the increasingly busy lifestyle today. What if your time can be spent elsewhere which yield more productive results? Being able to plan your beauty treatment schedule is spot on but sometimes daily grind can spoil everything. That’s how most of the ‘last minute booking’ happens. Fortunately, your mobile beauty concierge and professional freelancers do not operate a shop so you can still reach them during off working hours!

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