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Embroideries; What You Need To Know!

Posted on October 16 2019

Embroideries; What You Need To Know!

We all know how important eyebrows are to our overall look.

They frame our face and can even change the overall features we have. Well groomed eyebrows can even make us look younger and awake which gives our look an overall lift.

From thin brows to fuller brows, there is a look out there for anyone. While we may go for the classic way of grooming our brows : shaving and plucking, there are many other types of ways to groom them from threading, waxing and even dye.

But for the ultimate convenience, there’s eyebrow embroidery.

It is actually a form of tattooing where the brow technician implants pigment beneath the surface of the skin. This is done with tiny disposable needles that makes the ink look like tiny hair strokes. This creates fuller brows as it looks very natural.

Here’s what you have to know/or want to know about eyebrow embroidery:

Just about anyone can do it really! Well, mostly.

Men, woman who have no prior allergy to needles or tattooing are great candidates. Basically anybody even if you have easily irritated skin, or oily skin that is always prone to breakouts, people with acne, you can do eyebrow embroidery.

It doesn’t mean if you have sparsely spread out brows or thin ones only then you are a good candidate. Even if you have thick eyebrows but want to shape it better or neater, you are more than able to.


However, people who on blood thinning medication, diabetic, pregnant or nursing should not do it. Better to be safe than sorry!

Do you need to prepare before getting it done?

Firstly, we get a lot of questions before the appointment such as do you need to shave your real eyebrows before doing the embroidery.

Of course you do not need to!

The best is to keep as much real hair to complement the embroidery. The brow technician will only remove hair that falls outside of the determined shape if really needed.

Yes, it does require a bit of preparation due to it being semi-permanent. You’ll need to research what look, colour and style eyebrow is suitable for you so that when you discuss with your artist, you are able to convey your needs properly.

Is my skin condition an important factor?

Yes, in order to get the best result, your skin needs to be in its most natural state. That means avoid sun exposure so that you are not sunburned or tanned.

Do not get a chemical peel, facial or deep cleanse your face before and even after your embroidery appointment. Allow your skin to be fully relaxed.

This is to ensure your skin is relaxed and not irritated.


Also come well rested and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Do not drink alcohol and be hungover for the session!

Does it take a lot of time?

Yes, because remember this is your face!

It can take anywhere between 2 hours to 3 hours. Prepare to keep your day free for this appointment. You’d want the technician to take their time, doing slowly and surely. Rushed job is never good!

If you have already medium to full brows, the time to do will probably be shorter, but if you have very thin, sparse eyebrows, then it would most definitely take a little while longer.

More than often the first step is what takes up a bulk of the time. Discussing and deciding on the brow shape. If you have done your research before hand and bring the reference to show your technician, she will go through it with you to discuss what is suitable for your face shape.

The artist will draw your brows for you to approve first before starting, and to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the shape first.

Does it hurt?

Though it may sound scary with tiny needles near your eye area when having it done but rest assured it is not as painful as it sounds.

Thanks to the numbing cream being applied all over your eyebrow area, you won’t feel pain. The only sensation you might feel is compared to threading or tweezing. Annoying, but totally bearable. You can do this!

However, if you are very sensitive to sensations, or have low pain tolerance, the numbing cream effect may wear off quicker during the process. If you start to feel the sharp pain of the needle while the technician is doing her magic, you can pause and request for her to apply more numbing cream. Do not be shy to ask! Your comfort is the upmost importance here.

This will make the process longer, as you would need to wait for the numbing cream to kick into effect. But it is better to wait longer than to be uncomfortable.

Does it last?

Embroideries vary from person to person. Most of the time, most can last up to two years as the embroidery is done within the surface layers of your skin. But as time goes by you may start to notice your brows are starting to fad bit by bit.

However, you can arrange for touch up if it slightly fading. The best time is to touch up within 5-6 weeks after your first session.

Once you’re done with your embroidery it is important to know that after care is very important and requires a bit of due diligence on your end to take care of it. You can’t be lazy, or it can cause some serious damage.

Your technician will advice you on the way of caring for your newly minted eyebrow. You would need to gently wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and antibacterial soap that is gentle. This is make sure your skin is clean of bacteria and to keep it fresh

Another important note is to use ointment which the technician will advice you about to be put on with cotton and spread it across the eyebrow.

Do not go for facials, treatments, microdermabrasion, or even botox for at least 4 weeks. The longer the better as to give your eyebrows ample time to heal and be perfect. Try to avoid intense exercise that will make you sweat a lot and even hot showers for the fist 10-12 days. This creates humidity and will open the pores of your skin. You’d want to keep them closed.

The benefits of getting eyebrow embroideries really outweigh the cons! For one you do not have to draw or fill them in every morning to get ready for the day, so that’s a plus. You get extra time in the morning to do other things.

Even with no-makeup days, your look will definitely be fresh and well put together as it is already framing your face. The convenience of having a well framed eyebrow is amazing and it is something to definitely consider if you’re a busy woman on the go 

Looking good has never been this easy!