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Gel Vs Classic Manicure: Which is better for you?

Posted on October 01 2019

Gel Vs Classic Manicure: Which is better for you?

We’ve all heard of the wonders of what a good manicure can do for your nails. Cleaning, buffing, getting rid of dead skin, tidying up those cuticles, a nice hand scrub and a massage... It’s no wonder manicures are deemed to be the ultimate self care pampering session.

But then we’re daunted with the question:

Gel manicure of classic manicure?

There are so many different types of polish available in the market but these two reigns supreme. There are those ladies who swear by gel polishes only and then there are loyal traditionalists.

But if you’re someone who just wants the best kind of polish for when the time comes, they both do have their advantage and disadvantages according to your specific needs.


Let’s see what their main differences are!

  1. Life span

When we talk about life span of our manicure, it usually means until we notice the top coat fading and is not as shiny and brilliant as well as chips of the paint, or when we notice a noticeable gap between the polish and our new nail growing.

For most of us, we ladies like to get the most bang for our buck, so a manicure that lasts at least a week is definitely a winner!

Gel Polish: Lasts 3-4 weeks with vigorous hand washing or labour. The gel is very sturdy and thick hence its longevity. With proper care, gel polishes can last until nails grow out or until you cut them off without losing its shine.


Classic Polish: Lasts about 1 week with proper care. Which means no cleaning, cooking or getting them wet often other than taking a bath. Even brushing your nails onto a hard surface like a table or chair might chip the sides off with the right amount of pressure at the right angle.

  1. Quality

Gel Polish: Does not chip normally and the shine lasts and doesn’t come off. Designs stay put and looks almost brand new all the time. Gel is more durable and chip resistant.

However, if you use cheap and poor-quality gel, these polishes can come off very easily and even chip away after a few days. Always try to look for reputable brands.

Classic Polish: Looks fresh and new for 2-5 days, but chips easily with any aggravation.

Same as gel polish make sure to use reputable brands as the colour and consistency of the polish will definitely play a role in quality. Streaky, clumpy polish will almost definitely last shorter than smooth and silky textured polishes.


  1. Benefits & The Look

But if they’re both nail polishes.. are they really made for different purposes?

Actually yes and no. They’re both made to make you nails look gorgeous and pretty, but the different types of the polish do serve different purposes as well.

Gel Polish: Gel polish is known for its thickness in consistency and protects your nails if you’re clumsy and always hit your fingers around

Classic Polish:  Thinner in consistency and needs to be layered to achieve a non-opaque look. The polish itself is quite thin. Classic polish is good for those who would like to hide their nails if they’re discoloured and provide a clean look.


  1. Design

Gel Polish: Offers a glossier and shinier look, making your nails look healthy and clean. Designing with gel is endless, especially if you want intricate detail work. The reason being is that gel polishes dry fast under curing under the UV lamp, so layering designs or drawing doesn’t take too much time in between to wait for the previous coat to dry.

That being said however, colouring and decorating may be a bit harder to blend as the gel polish is thicker in consistency.

Classic Polish: More suitable to use for decorating and colouring due to its thinner texture. Marbling, blending of colours with classic polish gives a more intricate look as its easier to blend the colours. However doing so takes quite a long time as the polish takes longer to completely dry!

  1. Usability

 Yes, it’s all fun and amazing to visit the nail salon or get a manicurist to come and do it for you and all, but sometimes we just want a quick one or would like to do it ourselves at home. Remember mum’s drawer full of red nail polishes? We’ve got to keep that tradition alive!


Gel Polish: Applying needs to be cured with the UV lamp, with many different layers of different types of gel for different purposes. Removing is not so simple as it needs a special kind of acetone to soak and remove after buffing the top coat off.

Sometimes removing gel polishes require more effort than actually putting it on. So if you don’t buff off the top coat enough and then soak in acetone, it won’t peel off so easily and you’ll have to repeat the steps. Also if you’re not careful, you may buff off too much and hit the nail bed which is never good news for your nails! Doing gel too often back to back is not recommended as gel polish procedures can soften and thin the nail bed. It’s always recommended to give your nails a break every now and then.

Classic Polish: Classic is easy to apply and remove with regular nail polish remover, more user friendly for home users. Putting it on however requires patience on your end as you have to be careful not to touch the polish or it will smear. Taking it off is very easy and doesn’t require much effort and it doesn’t harm your nails and fingers. You don’t need to take a break with classic polish as it does not thin out or soften the nail beds. So yay, chic nails 24-7 always!


Who should get what type?

It really depends on your personal style and what you hope to achieve with your nails really. It comes down to personal taste, but we do think each type of polish is beneficial for certain types of people.

Gel Polish: We feel gel polish is suitable for the ever busy woman on the go. The woman who never ever has time to sit down and relax even for 10 minutes because she’s too busy running the world and being a boss babe! Since it lasts very long, all she needs is to spare a couple of hours a month to get her nails done and then she’s off and no worries. Since it doesn’t chip easily or fade out easily, she doesn’t have to worry about maintaining it constantly.

Gel polish is also suitable for home mothers who just want to have nice nails for herself. Taking care of the kids, cooking and cleaning, running up and about.. who has the time? Mom doesn’t!

We also feel gel nails are perfect for when you go on a holiday! That way you have insta-worthy nails during your trip and you don’t have to worry about heading to the salon to touch up.


Classic Polish: We think classic polish is suitable every woman in the world who just wants to get creative and try new things. If you’re someone who loves to experiment new styles and get bored easily, then classic nail polish is for you. You won’t have to worry whether your nails will get damaged because it won’t!

Classic polish is also suitable for ladies who enjoy getting pampered frequently – like at least once a week or every two weeks. If you’re the type who doesn’t have to do much with her hands and can enjoy time for yourself, then this is for you.

We hope these explanations and comparisons between gel and classic polishes can help you out with your next mani pedi! Have a manicurists come to your home and save time!