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Holiday Manicure Ideas

Posted on December 04 2019

Holiday Manicure Ideas
The perfect time to have fun and quirky nails is upon us!
Christmas time and the holidays are a perfect time to get creative and dress up your nails with all kinds of designs, sparkles and add on that you would normally not do on a regular basis for your nails.
It's the perfect time to let loose your inner glamazon! Not to mention you will feel super happy and cheery everytime you look at your nails.
Here are some of our favourite holiday manicures and top requested designs. These will surely get you into the holiday spirit!
Simple red nails
For who: the sophisticated lady
If you're someone who prefers something elegant and not flashy but want to show off that you're in the holiday spirit, simple but elegant red nails are perfect for you. Depending on the tone of red, Christmas brick red or a nice subtle chrome effect would do wonders for your overall look. 
Red nails has the reputation of a strong, independent and confident woman. If you want to command a room while looking absolutely stylish, this is for you!
This look is easy to match your everyday look as well as fancy dinner parties as it is so versatile.
2. Gold and Red nails
For who: Young working adults
Working in the office where it's allowed to express yourself creatively but not too much or overdone? Want to show a side of your fun personality but want to keep it professional as well?
Gold and red nails are perfect for you. The hint of gold adds a little bit of sparkle and fun but not too loud as the reds will subdue the brightness of it and keep it well balanced. 
Changing it up to not have every fingernail uniformed is a great way to be celebrate the festivities without emphasising too much. Great to match with outfits as the gold will catch some light to your overall look.
3. Snowflakes
For who: Anyone who loves to express themselves stylishly
Sometimes Christmas designs can be loud, a little kiddish and too colourful. But you want to add an element of Christmas but keep it stylish, sophisticated and modern too. What a dilemma? No! Try snowflakes design!
Not only are they super adorable and beautiful, it has a grown-up element but still staying true to Christmas style. Everyone associates snowflakes to Christmas, and it is instantly recognisable as Christmas nails but with a modern approach.
Your base colour can be anything from blue, green, gold, red and even black and it will still have the Christmassy feeling. They are so gorgeous to look at and you will surely pull off the sophisticated Christmas look.
4. Candy Cane nails
For who: For the playful lady
If you're working in the creative field or want to stand out and get people talking about your nails, candy cane style is for you! Whether in the classic white and red or green, these nails are so eye catching and lovely. You will definitely get in the Christmas mood in no time.
This design is for the true fashionista who have no qualms about standing out with loud nails and playful nails. The design is clean and bright so you'll definitely catch people's eyes and get the OOHS and AAHS for sure!
5. Christmas themed nails
For who: For the lady who REALLY loves Christmas
If you have total autonomy and say in your everyday look and work doesn't get in the way, and you absolutely love Christmas, these designs are DEFINITELY for you!
Reindeers, Santa, glitter, ribbons... the choices are endless! There are just so many options and variations and choices to design your holiday nails. Go crazy and get creative, there is nothing you can't do with this theme. Perfect for holiday parties and you will be admiring your nails all the time.
The holidays are a great time to just enjoy yourself and pamper yourself for a job well done for the whole year. Time to usher in a new year with fabulous nails!
Best part? Effortless provides FREE basic nail art with every gel mani pedi (studs, strips and stickers) so hurry, book your appointment with us today! For more intricate and specific nail art, additional charges apply. Do let us know what you'd like to get.
Now, admin is going to get her candy cane nails done!