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How to choose the right makeup artist for your events

Posted on February 10 2018

How to choose the right makeup artist for your events
Most of us may have one or two makeup artist friends but choosing the right one may seem to be more complex than you think. What's more, if you are looking for a group of makeup artist for events. How to find a group of experienced makeup artist to ensure your event goes smoothly? Are you feeling too much of work to do research on individual makeup artist and how much budget you should allocate for the right type of event? Here's some quick tips on how to choose the right makeup artist for three different type of events. 
Mаkеuр fоr wеddіng
bridal makeup
A wedding is the most auspicious day in a bride's life. You want to look extraordinary beautiful on this special day. While it is normal to have a  wedding budget in place, hiring a makeup artist can never be substituted with You-Tube tutorial video or friends who claimed that they might be able to help out. You do not want to risk having unexpected surprise on the biggest day of your life.
A professional makeup artist is well trained in makeup techniques such as colors matching, drawing skills, contouring, styling and most importantly the number of hands-on practice makes a huge difference compare to amateur makeup skills. Therefore, only an experienced makeup artist can help you get your desired results. We will cover in an upcoming blog on the differences between a normal dinner makeup and a bridal makeup. 
Research and view makeup artist portfolios
You have to start looking for your makeup artist months before your wedding. First, identify the type of style that you would like to match with your wedding gown. Therefore, it is best to have chosen your wedding gown before you consult your makeup artist as it would be helpful for them to know how to match your overall look. Request to view makeup artist portfolio to check their previous work. Then, narrow down your selections to top three of your favourite makeup artist. Make sure they're available on your wedding date before you proceed to engage in further discussion. Talk to them about your expectations, style preference, and finally schedule a trial makeup. 
Schedule a trial makeup session
During the trial makeup session, try on different style and colors to see how you look. From natural soft colors to bold eyes, talk to your makeup artist if you feel it is too light or too heavy for you. Generally, a day makeup will be fresh natural colors and lightly flushed cheeks paired with a romantic updo with layered braids. A night makeup, on the other hand, tends to be bolder so you will not look plain in the midst of heavy lightings. Smoky eyes, glossy lips, and elegant curls are the top favorites among brides but you can definitely work out the details with your makeup artist. 
Check their value-added services
A good makeup artist is one who inspects your skin and asks you several questions before choosing the right makeup techniques that she can use on your face. She may test different cosmetics products on your skin in case if you are allergic to any, or shown reactions to it. For example, if you have visible acne then your makeup artist may suggest using airbrush makeup techniques that will provide a flawless finishing touch. It is also not uncommon for makeup artist who uses skincare ampoule to moisturise your face before makeup. Check with them if they can provide value added services such as quick facial to give your skin a rejuvenated glow. 
Choosing the right makeup artist does requires some effort. Talk to a specialist house with a large pool of makeup artists as they can show you a wider range of makeup portfolio. It is much easier to narrow down to your best makeup artist when you have more options in the first place. Don't forget to compare makeup artist for your family members and bridesmaid too. They need to look fabulous on your wedding day and will appreciate if you can extend the help to them.
You may also want to get a beauty consultant that can provide other beauty services such as manicure pedicure service, eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery so you can save more time and focus on other priorities.
Mаkеuр fоr dіnnеr еvеnt
dinner makeup
Makeup for dinner event is bolder and more dramatic than makeup you wear during the day. That's because you won't be seen under the harsh glare of the sun. You want to make sure you choose a sophisticated look, though. There are some tips to make your evening makeup look great.
Deciding the look you're going for, is important as different makeup artist specialise in different looks. Of course, most of them will be able to give you the look you want, since learning dinner makeup skills are actually the beginner level of their lessons as opposed to bridal makeup which is advanced level. Nevertheless, it is still best to know what you want before approaching them.
It's good to show some samples for better understanding but at the same time be realistic about your references too. Pictures of Caucasian ladies are not good references for Asian ladies since both have very different skin colors. Hairdo references too are very subjective to length, thickness, and colors. If you have very thin hair but you envision a thick, volumized blond hair then you might have to consider hair extensions. So, keep your references real. 
It's all about timing. Communicate to your makeup artist how long and what timeframe you need to get ready for your event so she can start at the right time. Makeup for a group of girls might be more challenging if you only hire one makeup artist. A specialist house with a larger pool of makeup artist will be able to cater to your group requirement better than a freelance makeup artist.
Makeup fоr thеmе еvеntѕ
costume makeup
Before getting a makeup artist, the first thing you should agree on is the theme to be used. Makeup for a theme is very subjective to the hands-on experiences of the makeup artist. For example, drawing a midnight masquerade mask on face requires a highly experienced makeup artist who has drawn before and has the ability to finish without error in colors density, shape outlines, and overall look. Makeup that requires art drawing will take long hours compare to normal dinner makeup. It is best to look at past work portfolio if makeup artist has done similar characters before.
It helps to think about the colors, costumes, or performances associated with the event. If it's an event for a teen (girl), many young girls associate with princesses clothes, such as golden, rose and lacy white. In fact, many book authors illustrate these characters as wearing voluminous ball gowns in these colors. Thus putting together the celebration, people might center their planning around one or more of these colors. It, therefore, implies that before obtaining the services of a makeup artist for costume or theme like events, the artist has to be well versed with the event in order to provide the best service. 
In conclusion, it is not necessary to choose the same makeup artist all the time since they specialize in different type of events and styles. Moreover, the same person may not be available at the time you need it. 
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