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How to match your outfit to your hairstyle?

Posted on October 30 2019

How to match your outfit to your hairstyle?

Ladies love to mix and match our styles to suit our moods, type of events we’re attending, and even to who we will be mixing around with for the evening. There are endless combinations from top to toe!

While it can be fun and exciting most of the times for most of us it can be a little daunting. What to wear? What makeup to put on? Which hairstyle will suit this dress? Which hairstyle will suit me in this dress? Do I even need a different hairstyle?

While all these questions may put a damper on your spirit for the night and just decide to put on the same old hairstyle you’re used to and you know looks good on you- fret not! It’s not as hard as you may think it is.

Once you’ve decided on the dress you’re going to wear, picking a hairstyle isn’t as difficult as it seems. Of course not every dress is equal and there is no fixed rule when it comes to matching your outfit. But thankfully we have some general guidelines for you to keep in mind when deciding how to match your look with your outfit for future occasions!


Loud dress, simple hair

If you have decided to rock a really out- there, eye catching, loud and fun dress, good for you! Be bold and show off your personality! Life’s short so enjoy what you like.

If you’re not sure what loud dresses are they’re any eye grabbing piece such as polka dots, big bold prints, bright colours, striking combinations… basically anything that will grab your attention even if you’re not properly looking.

It’s all about balance. If your dress has loud, bold and vibrant details, it’s best to stick to a simpler hairstyle so that it does not compete. If you opt for a intricate hairdo like braided buns or a poufy pompadour, you’re going to come across as trying to hard to grab everyone’s attention and over done. This doesn’t go over well and you’d end up looking quite silly.

Same thing goes for the opposite as well.

If you have decided on a very loud and intricate hairdo like a beehive, its best to pair it with a simpler and more demure dress. This way the focus is on your hairstyle and how outrageously awesome it is rather than having it compete with your bold dress. A classy dress with loud hairstyle shows you are well put together and quite stylishly too!

The rule of thumb is = pick one to highlight! You only need to highlight one part of your whole look to shine and stand out. Doing too many things at once will make you look overdresses and even more mismatched. 

Higher necklines = higher hair

Now on to the more technical side of dressing!

If you’re wearing a dress that has a high neckline, for example like a cheongsam or turtleneck dress, or a line that covers up above to your collarbone, your hair style should be in an up do.

Why updo and not all down? Because the dress already covers up your neck and decotellage, and if your hair is down it will shorten your whole body frame and give you the illusion of a frumpy profile which is not something anybody wants!

When your hair is up, it creates the illusion of a long and lean neckline. Bonus: it also helps show off your dress’ unique neckline. Having a high up do hair style also subconsciously forces you to stand tall and chest proud because if you slouch, your hairdo might come undone ( I know does this even make sense? But we all subconsciously do this!)

This also creates a very elegant outlook and you tend to look very elegant and poised!

Flaunt it or be chic


We ladies are blessed with assets and we know how to show them off if we want to ;) 

If you have a low cut dress such as tube dresses, half shoulders, deep V neck, low bowl cut… you have two options: flaunt it or play coy.

If you want to flaunt it (tastefully of course), try and updo to bare your decotellage and give off a sexy and playful look. The updo will draw attention to your decotellage and highlight the nice structure of your collarbone and shoulders.

But if you want to be more subdue and less bare, let your hair loose to calm down the sexiness of the dress. Light curls or even a half do will soften the look. Your hair won’t completely cover your bare back and chest but it will give a little ‘peek’ whenever you move your head and your hair sashays.

One thing to note if you have straight hair, try not to have it too razor thin and straight as this creates harsh lines and makes you look not put together. Opt for a more volumized blowout if you wish to have straight hair and not curls. At least allow the bottom of the hair to have volume as this creates movement, making you look less stiff.

Soft glam = halfies

What if you are just wearing a simple v neck dress that’s not too low or high but just fits down the middle?

This is the easiest look to pair with as going with a half do always works as it matches most dresses.

If you want to achieve a soft but glamorous look, you can opt for the classic half do which is half up and half down hairstyle paired with modest V- neck dresses. This gives an alluring sexy look without trying too hard.

Half do’s frames the head and face but allowing it to be romantic and flowy thanks to the bottom half being down and flowing. Can’t go wrong with this combination!

Texture, texture, texture

Did you know that the type of dress material can also play a part in the look of your dress? Yes, sounds crazy but its true!


If you’re wearing a hard material- like suede, leather, pleather or velvet, these materials have the appearance of hardness; sturdy, stiff and fixed. If you pair it with a sleek, straight hairdo or tight curls, it will give you the illusion of stiffness and tightness. People may not even think you are comfortable!

However if you pair them with a big blowout, loose big curls and wavy hair, your whole look automatically transforms you into the illusion of sexy and mysterious. There’s nothing like paring two opposite ends together!

Same goes if you have a very soft, billowy textured dress like organza, silk, satin and cotton, it creates a lot of movement to your look. People immediately identify you as soft and elegant and demure.

If you have soft, volumized curls, romantic curls, braided style hair and loose updos, it adds an even more demure illusion to your look.

However if you go the opposite direction – straight razor hair, tight big curls, tight updo, tight bun.. you would look so utterly chic and fashionable! Almost like a fashion model. This is considered edgy and totally sexy chic. Rock it how you like it!


So many things to consider when deciding the final look for the night. But in the end it depends on how you feel and how you want to look. Even if you feel what you want suits you the best and doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, I say who cares! YOU DO YOU!

Of course, if you still want to look the utter most best you can and you have really no idea how to go about it.. Just book a makeup and hairstyling appointment with us at Effortless and show us your dress and we will be more than happy to assist you into curating the best look for you for the night!