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Popular Year End Party Themes!

Posted on November 28 2019

Popular Year End Party Themes!

Yay! It's the end of the year which means bonuses! Long holidays! Parties! 

What a fun and exciting time! The best part is definitely the themed parties that we get to dress up and attend. It's the best time to let loose and try out new looks. Everyone's going to dress up, you should too.

Here are the top looks we've gotten requests for:

1. Great Gatsby Theme

This is a fun look that everyone can go for! The roaring 20's where every woman was in style and men were devilishly handsome. Play up with boa feathers, sparkly dresses, stylised hair and bright makeup.

The look that everyone can easily go for with our Glam package, Gatsby theme has something for everyone.

2. Scary & Spooky Theme

Just like Halloween, this theme allows every adult to channel their inner kid and dress up as ghoulishly scary or frightening as they like!

While masks and costumes can be bought in stores, the makeup has to be done by a professional as it requires some special effects style makeup to be used. 

We'd recommend you try our Special Effects package as only a select few of our artists are capable of achieving this special effects look. Worth every cent!

3. Masquerade

Ahh the most classic themed party there is- the masquerade party! Getting a mask is no easy task as you have to find the perfect one that you love.

What about makeup? It doesn't mean that with the mask you cover your face and that's it! We recommend you take our Dinner Package to highlight your eyebrows and your cheeks to give your overall look a more chic finish.

4. Superhero/Movie themed

Among all the themes - this is the most tricky theme! The scope is so wide that you can dress up as anything and everything. From superheroes to occupation to movie characters or singers, there are just endless possibilities!

Not sure which package to book? Let us know and we can help. Depending on your look, you can try the Special Effects or Dinner Package.

Enjoy the year end parties and make sure to look glam while having fun!