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Top 5 Halloween Makeup Looks 2019

Posted on October 22 2019

Top 5 Halloween Makeup Looks 2019

It's that time of the year again when everyone dresses up and lets their imagination run loose- It's Halloween!

Every year we see new crazy looks that somehow catches the general public. One year it was all mermaids and ghouls, the other vampires. 

This year we start to see a returning trend for Halloween. Something simple, but does the job and gets you excited. We've rounded the top 5 Halloween looks most requested. Are you going for any this year?

1. Half Face

Half face style is a pretty popular choice due to the fact its only half the commitment! This look also really showcases the stark differences of the two looks- one your natural self and one a scary one. 

This look is also great with taking photos as you can turn heads to either look, and is always a thrill to others when they see this! Another great things is the versatility of this look. You can transform half of your face into anything you like - mermaids, ghosts, skeletons, zombies and it works.

Not to mention the unlimited choice of wardrobe to go along with this look! You can pair it with any outfit and it will be a match. Fancy dresses, raggedy clothes, formals.. you name it and it will gel together.

Effortless provides half face makeup option for special effects. The choices are endless!

2. Joker

Still a favourite even after all these years - this year we've been getting so many enquiries for Joker makeup for Halloween! Full white faced, smudgey dark eyes and a bloody lip - scary and easily recognisable.

This look does require some ensemble - the face makeup, perhaps some green tint to the hair, and of course the outfit. Either find a purple suit or an outrageously colourful suit to match.

But not matter what pose you do when taking photos- everyone will surely recognise your look!

3. Harley Quinn

Ahh.. the other half of Joker! This look is all the craze again thanks to it's versatility and easy application. Not to mention this look is very much wearable to almost anyone and can be dressed up or down, depending on the mood you're in.

The iconic blue and pink eye shadow is definitely the first thing that catches your eye, and the large side ponytails. For something iconic but easily recognisable, Harley Quinn is surely the look for everyone!

4. Skeleton

Nothing more eerie than a skeleton face!

A classic look for the ages but never out of style - anyone can rock the skeleton look. This look is suitable for anyone and requires a skilled makeup artist to contours the bone structure and jaw line according to your face. If you're looking to go all out- this is the look for you!

Matching this look with your outfit is something exciting as well. You can go from cute with a sweet dress or scary with bloody rags, or even out of this world with colourful costumes. The choices are endless and there's no limit to your imagination!

5. Mystical 

From icy blue to fairy of the woods - there is something intriguing about going mystical for Halloween. All those characters you read in fairytales or in movies like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty have always attracted people to dress up like them for Halloween.

This look requires some thought put into your over all look and commands commitment. Going as a pixie? You have to make sure your outfit matches your make look or else the whole ensemble won't be matching and look weird. Going as a snow fairy? Gotta make sure your outfit glitters and is pearlescent white to give the illusion of snow to really pull it off. If you're big into Halloween, this could be for you!

Halloween is a great time to let loose and explore all kinds of looks for a fun night out with friends, family or colleagues. Why not try something different this year? Let us know what you'd like to get and let us transform you into the talk of the party!

From half face to full face makeup and neck and shoulders with hairstyling, we have it all. Our Special Effects Effortless Pros can turn you into whatever your hear desires ;)