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Top Requested Hairstyles

Posted on November 13 2019

Top Requested Hairstyles
The biggest dilemma we get from our clients after booking their makeup and hairdo package is always the same:
What hairstyle should I go for?!
With hairdo there's always consideration of what we're wearing.. Our hair type, length, texture and how we're feeling. Hair is our crowning glory so for sure we need to look good!
With so many types of styles to choose from all kinds of themes and eras, it's no wonder we ladies are spoilt for choice and can't decide which is best. 
No worries about that! Here are some styles that we have noticed that gets the most requests from clients. Even if they didn't request it in the first place, its the ones they usually end up with after considering their looks and theme for the night.
1. Finger Waves
While you think this style looks pretty simple - just need a curling iron right? 
It's actually one of the more difficult techniques for hairstyling. It takes years of practice and artistry to achieve the perfect wave and body. It it quite complex and intricate to do and takes quite a bit of time. 
This style falls under our Glam package because of the complexity of the style, and we only send our senior artists to do. Finger waves are perfect for theme parties such as Gatsby, Glamorous Night and also pairs well with sparkly outfits. 
Be prepared to sit in the chair for a bit - this takes a while but the payoff is absolutely gorgeous.
2. Half Do with Soft Waves
This romantic, soft, ethereal and feminine hairstyle is one of our favourites as well! Perfect for bridesmaids as well as romantic date nights, this look exudes femininity and romance. 
This is an easy look to achieve - just depends on what type of style of braids you'd like and the waves. This hairstyle goes well with all kinds of dresses as well. If you're not sure if it suits your look, no worries at all as this look is suits most face shapes as it provides enough definition as well as volume.
This hairdo is perfect for ladies who want to glam up but without going over board. It's an upgrade from everyday hairstyles yet it's not too stylised for you to feel uncomfortable.
Highly recommend this look for everyone!
3. Volume Updo
Some dresses just screams for an updo to show off our gorgeous neckline or decotellage. However when we do up our hair, it may accentuate somethings we do not like like a double chin, full cheeks or uneven jawline. 
But the great thing about a volume updo - which means a higher crown and bigger bun-style, it frames your face without being too tight, which some tight buns can do and highlight the things you wish to hide.
Super elegant and creates a classy look, the volume updo exudes a formal outlook. Perfect for gala nights or black tie events, surely this is a look to consider!
4. Simple Tuck
Perfect for Sunday weddings, garden parties or any informal event, the simple tuck is our number 1 request for day events!
For the ladies who want a little upgrade but easy and natural, this is the perfect style. It goes well with almost every outfit. From smart casual to weddings, it is so versatile and easy to do.
The tuck creates the illusion of a full head of hair and is perfect for ladies with thinner hair. 
5. Perfect Curls
For the carefree and spirited lady, this is one of our most requested look!
Sometimes achieving the perfect curl on our own is quite a challenge. While it's really only using a curling tong, its the skill and precision by our Effortless Pros that make you look like a Hollywood star!
It take skill and technique to achieve a full, well balanced curl. This simple style can really elevate your look and ranges from tight curls to big rounded curls, depending on what you'd like. This look fits everyone and can elevate your look by a 100!
Whatever hairdo you decide in the end, you'll always walk away from your appointments with Effortless feeling like a goddess; confident and sexy and ready to wow the crowd at your event!