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What to do before your in home appointment?

Posted on November 06 2019

What to do before your in home appointment?



First time trying an in home beauty service and not sure what to do?


Fret not! It's supposed to be a relaxing and indulging session. You've got this.


When it comes to booking an in home session with Effortless, all you need to do is these few things before we arrive to pamper you.


  1. Take a shower/Freshen up

The best way to start getting into the zone for relaxation is to take a quick shower. Rinsing off the day sets you in the mood. It's sort of like a mental preparation to get your relaxing mood going. If you can't take a shower beforehand, a quick face wash to freshen up is just as good.


Especially great to do before any appointments that require you to lie down - like massages for example. Nothing like getting clean in anticipation of a relaxing body massage. This is also courtesy to your masseuse who will be more than happy to massage a freshly clean customer!


If you're doing eyelash extensions this is a good idea too as you will lie down. Washing your face beforehand also gets rid of any dirt or dust on your face and eye area ensuring a cleaner, faster session as the artist will be able to start straight away. 

If you're doing a makeup, hairdo or nails session, taking a shower beforehand will definitely get you feeling in the mood to get ready to have a great night out. What's better than getting ready and getting dolled up for a special night? :D 


  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes


Especially important if you're doing a massage or eyelash extensions. You wouldn't want to be wearing tight or uncomfortable clothes. When getting a massage, we recommend you wear loose clothing thats airy and breathable so that when the masseuse works her magic you won't sweat or feel suffocated from all the movement.


When getting lash extensions, it's important to wear comfy clothes as you'll be lying down. You won't ever want to get a wedgie or clothes pulled to the side when you are required to lie down still for a good 2 hours while the lash artists pokes and touching a very sensitive area such as your eyes!


While doing other sessions like your mani pedi, its important to not wear long sleeves or long pants while doing your nails as your manicurist needs to be able to comfortable work your feet and hands.


  1. Get Your Environment Ready


Want to do your session in your living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Patio? Dresser? Sure! Just make sure it's convenient for our artists to work and for you to spend for the next couple of hours!


For mani pedis we would usually recommend to do at your living room while you sit on the couch and watch TV. The manicurist will prop your hand onto the armrest and do your nails for you there, and will bring a stool and pad for your feet while she does your nails. This is most comfortable for the manicurist and you. Another alternative would be to do at the dining table by the corner side to allow easy access.


For lash extensions, it's always better to do in the living room while you lie down on the sofa as there is usually more natural light in the room and you can rest your head on the arm rest if it's not too high. The bedroom is fine too but might be a bit difficult for our lash artist to work around the edges of the bed.


For massages, depending on the treatment, would be best to do in the living room as well. Foot massages can be done while you watch TV, as well as head and shoulders. For full body you can either request for us to bring a massage bed or to be done on your bed. Just be sure to cover your sheets with thick towels to avoid any oil smudges or spills, which will most likely happen even if the masseuse is careful


  1. Go to the loo!


The last thing you'd want to happen is when you're getting the most amazing back massage ever and you have the sudden urge to use the toilet! Empty your bladder before any session starts and you're in for a great session.


And last but not least... Just have fun!


To be present in the moment, try to eliminate any distractions. Silence your phone if you can, turn on some relaxing music, watch your favourite show, read a book.. Whatever gets you in a state of relaxation.

Whatever your session, you'll definitely have a great me-time during your session. Have a great one!