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Posted on January 14 2021


The Rise of Women Empowerment 

The current generation of women are unstoppable, not only are we fighting for our own rights but we also have the backs of other women. Being born into a generation filled with robust women has inspired many young girls to stand up for what they believe in. Most industries that have previously been dominated by men are now being taken over by women. There is no room for sexism in this era. Women deserve jobs based on their set of qualifications and skills. Not based on their gender. 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you should already know how much women have evolved since the beginning of time. With icons such as Beyonce, Sza, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Lily Singh, Yuna and Malala Yousafzai, women have been inspired to strive continuously. Women are now being accepted in business, law, medicine and other fields that have previously been dominated by men. 

The Best Self-Care Service in Malaysia

Many women are busy with their careers and they may not have much time for their personal self-care routine. Some women may even have to juggle between their jobs and families, and as much as they would love to pamper themselves, it is simply impossible to find the time for it. That is exactly why Effortless was created. Effortless is a women empowerment platform that empowers women by providing a self-care services in Malaysia. 

Effortless provides services such as facials, eyelash extensions, manicures, massages and more. Their main goal is to reach out to busy mothers, female professionals and hustling entrepreneurs. One of my personal favourite aspects of Effortless is that they provide door to door services. That’s right! Their professionals will come to wherever you are and at any time. They also provide employment opportunities for women who are skilled in the beauty sector. 

Effortless sets themselves apart from any other self-care service in Malaysia as they prioritise your health and safety. Since our country has been affected badly by the current pandemic, many people live in constant fear of getting infected with the Coronavirus. Which is why, since March, the ladies at Effortless ensure that they follow strict SOPs. The pros are fully geared with masks, gloves and shields to give a 100% safe experience.

The Rise of Effortless

Effortless began as a self-care service in Malaysia in 2017. Back then they only sold Korean beauty products. However, that did not go as well as expected because running an e-commerce business requires a heavy inventory. Their founder, Miko Teck later came to notice that there were no platforms that offered door to door self-care services in Malaysia. Effortless started receiving requests for professional beauty services that could be done at the homes of their customers. After a year Effortless shifted from an e-commerce business to an on-demand self-care service in Malaysia. 

Effortless empowers women by hiring skilled local Malaysian women who lack exposure and business opportunities. Effortless has grown into a business that consists of 400 professionals who provide various beauty services. As a business that focuses on helping other women, they are also willing to hire anyone who is seeking for job opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to get in touch with them. Women who have worked with this self-care service in Malaysia have been able to earn a consistent income.

“We have a  vision of building a personalised and inclusive platform for all our consumers and professionals residing in Malaysia. We aim to aid more Malaysian women to transform their lives by making them feel confident and empowered every day.”

Effortless: Self-Care Service in Malaysia Review

I was fortunate enough to experience one of their self-care service in Malaysia which was the Swedish Thai Massage. My masseuse Anna was very friendly and provided me with a brief explanation of each step she was performing. What I absolutely loved about Anna was how knowledgeable she was. While giving me my massage she went the extra mile to even give advice on how I can take care of myself. 

Before setting up, Anna sanitised her hands and she also wore her mask and face shield at all times. Firstly, she set up the massage bed using a single mattress, pillow and a batik sheet. Next, she gave me another batik sheet to cover myself with. She was very respectful of my privacy and stepped out of the room while I changed. After changing, Anna came into the room and lit up a candle and played calming white noises. The vibe was already set. The sound of the ocean, birds and waterfall along with the lemongrass scented candle was already making me feel tranquil. 

“Lemongrass is good for blood circulation.”

Anna explained that the lemongrass candle is used because not only does it have a calming scent but it is also really good for our blood circulation. To be honest I found the lemongrass scent very soothing. It was a very light smell with a whiff of lemon. Later, I noticed the essential oil and as soon as I noticed it, Anna, excitedly told me that it was a blend of lavender and frankincense and this blend would help me feel energetic. I loved the fact that Anna knew the benefits and purposes for everything she was using. If you usually visit a self-care service in Malaysia, I am sure you would want a professional who is able to understand all your questions and doubts. I was also super happy to know that I would be getting a complimentary muscle-relaxing roller.

The Massage Process

Anna asked me which area she should focus more on and took the time to ask me about my medical history before proceeding. Once that was out of the way, she calmly told me to lie down on my tummy so that she could massage my back first. She started rubbing the massage oil (a coconut oil base with a mix of other essential oils) on the back of my legs and asked me if I would prefer a harder or softer press. I preferred a harder press and she acknowledged it. While massaging me she always checked if I was okay. 

“Swedish Thai massage is a combination of stretching and press point.”


I was curious to know what was the difference between the Swedish Thai massage compared to other massage styles. According to Anna this massage style combines elements of stretching and pulling. I actually enjoyed it because instead of just pressing onto my body, Anna helped me stretch as well and I could feel the difference instantly. 

“Muscle stress is caused because of work.”

Sitting for long periods in front of a computer can lead to muscle stress. This is why most working people usually have a tensed up body. My favourite massage technique was when Anna held both my hands while pulling me back. This really eased my back pain. Later Anna massaged my tummy. She went around my tummy, clockwise. The purpose was to massage my large intestines. The sound of the birds chirping was playing while Anna massaged my stomach and I almost dozed off. It was truly a serene sensation. 


“You will not hear anything for the next 20 seconds.”

At a point in our lives, I am sure we wished we could block out noises for a brief period especially if we are stressed. With all our hectic schedules and lifestyles we are constantly surrounded by so much noise from various sources. I was thrilled when Anna blocked my ears for 20 seconds and I didn’t hear a sound. It was the best 20 seconds as I had a brief moment to center myself. I truly felt that my chakras were aligned after my massage session. My body, mind and soul felt so much better. At the end of my massage, Anna handed me a nice warm cup of passionfruit tea. That was the perfect ending to my much-needed massage session. 

More Than Just a Self-Care Service in Malaysia

By now you might already want to just head over to Effortless and book their services but did you know they also provide other goodies as well? One of my favourite gift packages sold by Effortless is their Calming Lavender Series. They have two variations of it. One comes with a lemongrass scented candle and the other one without the candle. However, both sets do come with:

  • Premium Lavender Frankincense Essential Oils (25ml)
  • Premium Mini Roller Blend with Lavender Lemon Essential Oils(5ml)
  • Premium Relaxing Exfoliating Hand Scrub(100grams)
  • 1 Wooden Spoon
  • 1 personalised message card
  • 1 x RM50 Gift Card(for doorstep pampering service)

This is the perfect set to DIY your own massage session at home. They also have other gift packages that consist of mini rollers, hand & foot scrubs and many more. I strongly urge you to check out their website or Instagram @effortlessbeauty2u as they have so much more to offer. Effortless is a self-care service in Malaysia that is not like any other. My experience with them was amazing and I would definitely be visiting their services again in the future. 

So if you’re a working woman, a tired mother or even just someone who needs a little self-love, you can book yourself a pamper session with Effortless and they will make you feel like a goddess. You will walk away feeling confident and relaxed. 

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