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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Posted on March 04 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

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Have you ever looked at Hollywood celebrities and wondered how they manage to achieve that sexy flutter? From the likes of singing sensation Katy Perry to A List actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s all about those lashes ladies.

Nailing that perfect look is a dream every girl of today strives to achieve. Whether you’re aiming to create a stir in your friends’ circle or make that awe-inspiring first impression on a date, eyelash extensions are the pick of the day when it comes to looking and feeling fabulous.

Women all around the world today neither have the patience nor do they have the time to make their lashes game strong using artificial flutter. Gone are the days of spending hours trying to perfect that mascara or eyelash curler look when you can achieve fascinating results using eyelash extensions. Yes, you read that right, extensions are no longer only restricted to beatifying those luscious locks. They’re for your eyelashes too.

With that being said, the art of eyelashes has a distinct world of their own. From numerous styles and curls available today to the eyelash aftercare required post-use, the list is endless.

To help you make the most of this glorifying creation we call eyelash extensions, here is your simple guide to eyelash extensions.

What Exactly are eyelash extensions?

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Eyelash extensions are the name given to partial permanent lashes that not only offer you a striking pop in photographs, they’re a fabulous savior for those uncontrollable emotions on your wedding day.

If you think eyelash extensions are the same deal as your individual strip lashes, think again. These beauties are put on by hand and that too, one lash at a time by an experienced professional or technician.

The extensions are made to stay in place using glue. Glue is used to fix extensions over your real eyelashes.

Extensions for your eyelashes can last for a good three to four weeks, that too with proper care. You don’t need to remove them as these eyelashes will naturally fall off, similar to your real life lashes.

Eyelash extensions come in numerous different varieties in terms of style, curl, and design. They are also made up of a number of different materials. This way, you can pick your preferences according to what suits you best.

What are the differences between 3D and 6D eyelash extensions?

You may have come across the term 3D and 6D in numerous fashion magazines, beauty blogger websites or when trying to find an eyelash extension that’s fit for you. But what do these terms actually mean in terms of fashion context is a question asked by many fashionistas out there. And to help make your lives easier, we’ve broken up for you in simple terms what this newly released phenomenon known as the future in eyelash extensions is all about.

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions in Review

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As can be guessed from the name, 3D eyelash extensions give your lashes a defiant attraction and appeal like no other. Having a vast difference from the traditional and old school version of fake eyelashes, 3D volume eyelash extensions are natural looks at their best. And the fabulous bit being, they’re long lasting when used and kept the right way.

What’s the technique used?

The biggest difference with the distinct series of dimension lashes is that each lash differs from the others due to their diverse technique used. The ultimate aim at the end of the day is to create a series of lashes that appear as if they extend and flutter from miles away.

If you wish for that fascinating full look, you don’t need to fix an artificial strip of lashes when you can stick multiple singular lashes one at a time to create a more fuller and realistic sexy appeal.

One by one, a bunch of thin false eyelashes are stuck over your real and natural lash, after which they are fanned out using the most artistic skill and mannerism. The end result is nothing short of sheer amusement and breathtaking glory. It wouldn’t be termed over exaggeration if we said the final look was bold stunning eyes worth every second glance.

The eyelashes being uses are as close as possible to your natural eyelashes, giving them no signal of being artificial. You can use up to a maximum of 6 eyelashes on each of your original ones. That means increasing your volume up by 6 times. It all depends on how much flutter you fancy and what looks good on your eyes. This way, you can achieve an array of different looks. It’s all about your expert’s call as to what look would suit your eyes best.

Just remember, the skill and finesse required for this job is demanding and hence can’t be done by anyone and everyone. Leave it up to the experts to do you justice towards beauty and elegance, nothing short of being surreal. You’ll be startled as to how real these eyelash extensions actually look.

3D and 6D, what’s the real difference


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Now that we’ve broken down for you what the basics of the distinct dimensions in eyelash volumes are, let’s take a closer look at 3D and 6D eyelashes.

Women searching for a subtle, everyday natural appeal can go for dimensions relating to 2D and 3D. That means your cluster of eyelashes applied on a single lash will be small, not more than 2 or 3 at most.

If you’re on the lookout for something a little more glamorous and over the top, such as for the wedding season, 5D and 6D is definitely the type of direction you should be heading towards

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No matter what you choose, any lash dimension can be styled, curled, uncurled or even colored to perfection. At the end of the day, it’s all about enhancing your lashes and there’s no limit to the extent you plan on achieving.

3D volume eyelash extensions are triple the volume, thickness and luscious appeal than your normal everyday look. Examples include filling in the gaps of your normal lashes for an appalling change. Just imagine how volume filled 6D lashes can possibly be? These are good for filming or being on shoots for fashion or advertisements.

One thing that must be remembered is that the greater the dimension, the greater the chances of your normal lashes being worn down by the volume filled lashes.

What are the most popular types of eyelash extension styles and curls?

If you think there’s no limit to beauty, trust us when we say there’s no limit to eyelash extension styles too. You’ll be amazed to figure out how diverse and unique trends galore there are when you think of eyelash extensions. We’ll make sure you’re well aware of them all after reading this post.

Enhance or Amaze, the choice is all yours

Okay, so two popular styles for eyelash extensions are based on whether you want to enhance your beauty or whether you’d like to amaze in utter grace.

Those with the former option would be going 2D, while the latter of the audience would prefer the 3D option. Enhancement means giving your natural lashes a small boost while amazement means pushing your lashes with a dose of extra volume.

Popular types of curls

type of lashes and curls

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Eyelashes and curls go hand in hand. And when there’s eyelash extension involved, there’s no exception to this wonderful concept related to curling. Four of the most popular types of curls involved include J curl, B curl, C curl and D curl. If you’re wondering what the difference is, we’ll show you now.

J curls are the least curled variant amongst the 4, while the D curl is the most curled variant. J and B curls revolve around being subtle and toned down, while C and D are more defined and sharper, extravagant in nature.

Popular lengths

Length is a popular factor relating to your eyelashes. We all want extended lashes, but how much is too much?

Eyelash extensions revolve around the lengths of 8mm and go up to 14mm. Obviously, it depends on what look you’re trying to achieve with your lashes. And hence the more volume you desire, the greater the length required.

Popular eyelash extension material types

Although there are several variants available in the market today, we’re giving you all out knowledge about what’s trending in town this season.

Synthetic extensions for your eyelashes

Created from a highly finished material like acrylic, these extensions are not only the most appealing visually, and they’re sturdy too. Why you apply them in thick layers, it’s a dreamy affair, to say the least. Sparkle, shine and gloss, that’s what synthetic lash extensions are all about.

Silk extensions for your eyelashes

Composed of a finer substance, silk lashes aren’t too heavy and are more flexible in nature when compared to the synthetic versions. They’re lighter, easier to wear and usually give a more realistic and less dramatic appeal.

Faux mink extensions for your eyelashes

These lashes are the finest, softest and lightest variant of them all. You can’t get any lash extension closer to your natural ones than these. Although you’ll need patience when they’re applied, the wait is totally worth it ladies as they’re super long lasting for sure. And remember, these lashes are made to resemble mink fur. It’s all manmade glory when it comes down to these fluttering beauties.

Popular eyelash extension techniques applied

Russian Layering

Known as the most innovative and advanced technique used in the cosmetic business and industry today, the Russian layering is a style worth cherishing. You can get up to 400 or 500 eyelashes on a single one of your eye using this technique. 3 to 4 lash extensions of the superfine quality are used.

The first step involves fanning them out, then gluing them on to every bit of natural lashes on your eyes. It’s almost RM150 to RM300 in cost for this not so simple yet stunning procedure.

Tahitian Feathering

Another beautiful end result procedure, yet costly too is the name given to Tahitian feathering. This technique again makes use of super fine extensions that are used to give clients the ultimate lightweight yet fluffy and soft look.

How do eyelash extensions work?

Now that we have covered what exactly eyelash extensions are, they’re popular styles and designs as well as what 2D and 3D lashes are all about, let’s take a closer look at how these tiny glories create magical for your eyes.

The most common technique

When it comes to eyelash extensions, the most common technique used is based upon the skill and talent possessed by a professional, trained in this art.

Firstly, you need to obviously select your size, style, and material. Once that’s done, sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen patiently.

The eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time. This point can’t be overemphasized enough. The substance used to stick them on is a special formula driven semi-permanent solution, more like glue. The glue does not contain any harmful chemicals or irritants for your eyes. Hence, your natural lashes won’t be damaged in the while they’re being used. With that being said, every human body differs from one to another and hence allergic reactions can occur at any given moment to anyone out there using these extensions. This is probably the main reason as to why several types of glues are available, according to how sensitive you may be.

How long does the entire procedure take to be completed?

In case you’re opting to get a complete set of eyelash extensions to be applied, patience is of utmost significance at this moment.

On average, around 120 minutes or 2 hours is the estimated duration. Although touchups may be necessary for about every 3 weeks, you can make proper use of eyelash extensions for up to a year.

What’s important to remember is that not every look is the look for you. Only a true professional will be able to distinguish lashes that can work for you from those that aren’t best suitable. It all depends on the current amount, condition and thickness of your overall lashes.

How to take care of eyelash extensions?

After all that hard work, time, money and patience spent on a procedure like eyelash extensions, it’s important to know how to take care of your lashes the right way.

The major goal at the end of the day is to make use of your investment the right way and that in simple terms means allowing those extensions to last as long as possible.

The estimated lifespan of well-maintained lashes is around two to four weeks but the trick here is proper care. There’s not so much to be done but providing care the right way is absolutely crucial. These fabulous tips and tricks to your eyelash extension aftercare are just what you need to look and feel beautiful all season long. Here's the top 10 tips we've gathered to help you maintain beautiful and long lasting lashes:

  1. Swimming and spray tans are a big no after extension application and that includes zero water contact in any form.
  2. If you plan on wearing mascara to take your eye beauty to a whole new level, apply only on the tips of your eyelashes. This prevents them from becoming over-coated, leading to absolute disaster and lashes falling off.
  3. The first two days require extra precaution. During this time period, avoid any form of contact with hot water or steam. This includes swimming, Jacuzzi or saunas.
  4. Tints and perms being added to extensions can only be done before their application. Any procedure performed afterwards can have disastrous consequences on the strength of the bond.
  5. Never rub the eyes, this is tough but needs to be done.
  6. Avoid covering up the eye region.
  7. When using makeup removers, use a downward stroke only. Oil-free products whether it’s a remover, mascara, eyeliner, etc are the safest options to use against extensions as they don’t interfere with your bonding.
  8. Maintenance sessions are an absolute must. Book them within 2 to 3 weeks from the time of your application. This way, any lashes that have fallen out shall be replaced with ease.
  9. Under the term-maintenance comes finesse and neatness. Make use of an eyelash comb with gentle stroke movements. This makes sure that all the lashes are present in the same direction and prevents lashes from clumping or gluing together. Other than that, eyelash comb is a fantastic alternative as opposed to using your hands. Hands contain oil, dirt and bacteria, leading to severe irritation.
  10. Eyelash sealants available in the market today should be used to maximum benefit. It’s recommended for daily usage and increased longevity.

Differences Between Falsies, Lash Lift and Eyelash Extensions

Lash enhancement has been an ongoing trend for Malaysian ladies especially when it provides a fuller look even without makeup. Extensions add volume, curl and length without the fuss of putting on falsies and applying mascara. If you do not like to be extra careful during face washing, and tend to sweat during sports or loves sleeping with pillow covering your eyes, then lash lift is definitely perfect for you.


Save time with your lash solution done at home or anywhere convenient for you:


Here we list down the differences between falsies, lash extensions and lash lift:


False lashes, being a strip lash, are adhered on top of your lashes using a lash adhesive. They are light-weight and range from very natural looking (whispies) to very full (glam style). False lashes are perfect if you prefer to remove immediately after your special event. It will take you 5 minutes to apply (only if you are expert doing it) and you can increase the volume with mascara coating on top. Usually falsies are used during makeup application to enhance your look. The good news is, you can reuse it up to 3 times.


How falsies enhance your makeup look: 


Lash extensions

Lash extensions are every girls' dream because you get the 'I love this' look every time you wakeup. It's the best option if you are super busy (working woman), have less time to put on makeup, preparing to go travelling or during wedding to take you on until honeymoon trip. It can last 3 to 4 weeks depending on how delicate you are with the lashes. 


If done properly, lash extensions won’t harm your lashes, but you have to be careful about how you sleep (not on your stomach) and when removing eye makeup, it can be a little troublesome because any liquid (especially oil based remover) that touches it will cause it to fall off faster. If you have the habit of rubbing your eyes, then extensions may not be suitable for you. It will fall off much faster when more pressure apply to both extensions and original lashes. 

Tips : after lash extension normally lash artist will advice not to put eyeliner or mascara it will harm your lashes very fast. You don't have to because the extensions will enhance your eyes already!

Lash Lift

If you are a sports person, lash lift is the only option for you (who says sporty can't be sexy?) Keratin lash lift is a process of 'lash perming' when lifting solution is used to apply to your original lashes on a silicone rod with water soluble glue. The lash artist will then arrange your original lashes in a new position with curled up direction. It is a gentle process to allow your lashes to be lifted up by the treatment solution. After a short processing time (also sleep time) between 5 to 15 minutes, the lifting solution is removed and replaced with a setting lotion. You're done! 

Before after application by Effortless professional lash artist: 



5 Benefits of Keratin Lash Lift:

  1. Long lasting up to 90 days - Suitable for busy person who don't have the luxury of time to keep redoing it. The amount of time needed per treatment is much shorter (30 minutes) compared to 2 hours (extensions) 
  2. Enhance your natural eyelash - if you don't like anything overly dramatic, lash lift is the best option because it enhances your existing look with curled up lashes.
  3. Suitable for short and thicker original lashes - if you have this, it is perfect for lash lift. The end result will WOW you more. However, if you have very less original lashes, then extensions is better because it closes the gap in between.
  4. Low maintenance - this is definitely a steal because you only need to to spend once every 3 months. Comparing to lash extensions, you will need to redo every 4 weeks. Lash lift is definitely more cost efficient. 
  5. Stubborn or droopy lashes - lash lift helps to curl up your droopy lashes so it won't look dull. Sometimes, extensions don't work well with droopy lashes because it creates two layers between the extended and the original ones. On the other hand, lash lift ensures all droopy lashes are curled up so you won't have to deal with these stubborn lashes anymore!


Keratin eyelash lift is one of those beauty secrets that you've heard of but aren't too sure what they're all about.

Everyone is familiar with eyelash extensions and how it's done. But what about lifts?

Keratin lash lift is similar to a perm - but for your natural lashes. While everyone can do it, this type of lift is more suited to ladies who have thicker and longer lashes but that are super straight in comparison to ladies with thin and shorter lashes.

Why? Because it lifts your natural lashes. No added lashes are involved. Au natural. Hence if you have long and thick lashes it will be more visible after the lift is done. However you can treat keratin lash lift as a serum and growth enhancement for your lashes as the keratin will nourish the roots of your lashes which will in turn grow them to be a little more thicker and longer.  A total win win!

If you are still doubting, here are top 5 reasons of getting a keratin lash lift:

1. Longevity

Lash lifts lasts quite a long time - up to three months with proper care! (no seriously, admin did hers and it lasted for three and a half months!

With proper care such as no harsh makeup removers, no tugging, no scratching or rubbing much.. your lift will last a long time. It is your natural lash after all and the fall rate is usually 3 months onwards where your old lashes make way for new growth. In doing so your lifted lash lasts until it falls off on its own naturally.

2. Promotes healthy lash growth

As mentioned earlier, keratin is very beneficial and healthy for hair and your lashes. It's like a spa treatment for your lashes plus beautifying at the same time. Keratin serum is applied onto your roots to promote healthier follicles that promote thickness and length. More nutrients = more lashes, yay!

Since keratin is a pretty strong substance, once in every 3-4 months is more than enough to slowly see some changes in the thickness and density of your lashes. You might even come to realise your lashes are darker as well.

3. Saves time (at least 9 - 12 hours in three months!)

Say good bye to waking up early to mascara your lashes! If your lashes are thick enough you may even opt to not draw eyeliner as its thick enough to give the illusion of drawn lines. Just add some eyeshadow and voila!

Just make sure to gently remove makeup with your makeup wipes by gently patting to remove any residue of eye makeup. No rubbing vigorously or pulling at your lashes. 

Of course if you add mascara the drama is even more pronounced. But the whole point of lash lifting is to save time!

4. Low maintenance

Once hour lash lift appointment is done, you're good to go! There is no need for mid month touch ups or follow up. It's all done and ready as it's your natural lashes.

No need to add any creams or serum during the months of your lifts to ensure it stays up. The lifts only goes away after 3 months plus and when new baby lashes grow. Just sit back and enjoy your beautifully lifted natural lashes.

What more can we say about keratin lash lifts? They're amazing! Low maintenance, save time and lasts long. If you have long but straight lashes, give it a go, you may just find your beauty fix.

Effortless lash artist are professionally vetted to ensure they use certified products and have more than 3 years experience in the field. We send our professionals to your doorstep - home, office or hotels. 

When you’ve got a product that leaves you looking and feeling confident, there’s no denying how big of a temptation that can be. That’s exactly the case with eyelash extensions. They’re simple, convenient and a true definition of beauty enhancements done the right way.

In conclusion, it is important to have experienced technicians to do eyelash extensions for you. They will advise you the right type of curls, length and final look that is suitable for you.Not all types of lashes can be used on everyone with different eye shapes and eyelids. 

Effortless vets certified professional lash artist and send them to your doorstep for your ultimate convenience. Check out our full lash and embroidery collections HERE