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Ms Circle 4in1 Facial Massage Kit
Ms Circle 4in1 Facial Massage Kit
Ms Circle 4in1 Facial Massage Kit

Ms Circle 4in1 Facial Massage Kit



Miss your facial care therapy during MCO? Don't wait till after MCO to do facial care! With Ms Circle, now you can do your own facial at home. It's easy peasy! All you need is Ms Circle and SHO ampoule. With 2-3 times self care facial a week, you can relax while still maintaining a healthy, glowing and supple skin. 

Ms Circle is so convenient that you can bring along when you're travelling. It can be used for other parts of body like lower abdomen, reducing cellulites and brightening dark spots area. 


Effortless rating 


Home Kit Includes:

  1. Ms Circle 4-in-1 facial massager 
  2. Special Homecare Origin Ampoule (50ml)

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Self care items are curated to provide easy and effortless facial care at home. Device and ampoule solution are quality and effective products tested by Effortless team.

1) Ms Circle benefits:

Ms Circle facial massager makes it possible to experience dermatology therapy of beauty salon with its 42℃ heating, microcurrent, micro-vibration and color therapy functions.

It helps to increases elasticity of your skin and penetrates skin care nutrition into skin effectively. It has 4in1 mode namely heating, whitening, anti-aging and lifting. The clinical test result was reported that with just 4 times treatment using Ms Circle facial massager has shown visible improvement compared to treatment without the device.

Major function 1: 42℃ Heating
When the skin temperature rises up to 42℃, the HSP (Heat Shock Protein) inside the skin cell increases. There are many different types of HSP. Among them, HSP 70 and HSP 47 are beneficial for skin as follows:
1. HSP70:
> Strong cell protection effect
> Wrinkle-care effect against UV rays
> Decreasing of the protein that reduces collagen

2. HSP47:
> Production of collagen
> Preventing wrinkles from high temperature

Major function 2: Micro-current
The micro-current function is optimized for each mode. It is generated with the combination of iontophoresis and periodic electric pulse. The various skin care effect can be varied due to the different wavelengths of the electric pulse. Ms Circle has applied non-irritable Micro-current treatment to demonstrate effective lifting which softens wrinkle and rejuvenates skin at the same time.

Major function 3: Micro-Vibration
Ms Circle’s 125~250Hz micro vibration stimulates blood circulation to increase energy delivery to the skin while improving skin elasticity. The active ingredients of the skin care nutrition penetrate deep into the skin so it is 5 times better absorptions than using hands. The vibration therapy is widely used for physical therapy, rehabilitation, injury, etc, Improves muscle strength of fine muscles, bone density, blood circulation, lymphatic Circulation, cortisol, metabolism etc/ decrease pain, fatigue, blood pressure, fat, cellulite.

Major function 4: Color Therapy
It has four different light-wave for each mode. 4 colors of lights are emitted:

  1. Heating Mode - (42 degree, White) Blood circulation, cell stimulation 

  2. Whitening Mode (590nm, Green) Elastofibroma, decrease of pigment and melanin

  3. Anti-aging Mode - (660nm, Red) Increase of collagen, combat wrinkle

  4. Lifting Mode - (450nm, Blue) Anti acne and inflammation, soothing and calming

Classy Design
It is designed to put the finger into the ring so it can be easier to hold in one hand to massage not only the face but body. Can also be used for body massage and any other areas require relaxation and lifting. 

Rechargeable with micro 5pin USB cable. Built in lithium battery. 

What's in the box?

  • Ms Circle
  • USB Cable
  • Manual 

How to use 

  1. Fully charge 4-5 hours product using cable provided by plugging to common adapter
  2. Press on button and wait for 1min - heating pad will warm slowly 
  3. Press the same button once to skip to another mode as desired
  4. Each mode will run for 2-3 mins 
  5. After used, use wet tissue with antiseptic to clean the metal pad 
  6. Wait for dry, close with cover and store in cool place 


Do not run device under running tap water 


Made in Korea 

2) SHO Ampoule benefits:

Smart Home care tip for SHO Ampoule:

  1. After cleansing, arrange your skin texture with toner.
  2. Apply evenly an appropriate amount of ampoule in the stage of essence and gently tap to promote absorption.
  3. Use Ms Circle heating function to penetrate absorption, plus anti-aging and lifting with vibration and color therapy mode 

Escape from skin troubles with Multi-Use item effect:
When you apply small amount of ampoule before using the Mask, you will achieve a better moisturizing effect with the mask, with a better absorption of nutrients.

SAY NO to harmful ingredients: Triethan olamine, Benzo phenone, Mineral oil, Sulfate, Paraben, Aryl amide. Pregnant women are safe to use.

Anti Aging Red Ginseng Ampoule (50ml)

Use it on a day when your skin is lack of nutrition. This Red Ginseng Nourishing ampoule contained 42% Red Ginseng extracts and are special formulated to Supplying nutrients, Skin revitalization and Moisturizing of your skin:

Red Ginseng extract: Revitalizing, Nourishing of your skin.

Camellia Oil: Improving skin glow, skin texture improvement.

Paeonia Suffruticosa Root extract: Antimicrobial effect, skin texture improvement.

Morus Alba Rooat extract: Anti-aging effect.

Theobroma cacao seed extract: Antioxidant effect, Anti-aging effect.

Mosturizing Aqua Hyaluronic Ampoule (50ml)

Daily use for maintaining moisture balance of skin. This Aqua Hyaluronic ampoule contained Hyaluronic Acid and Patented ingredient and are special formulated to Moisturizing, Improving skin texture and skin protection of your skin:

Propolis extract: Skin calming, trouble skin care.

Rosa Damascena Flower water: Vitalizing, smoothing skin texture.

4D Aqua Care system: Moisturizing, forming hydrating barrier of your skin.

Betaine: Antioxidant effect.

Nymphaea Coerulea Flower water: Moisturizing skin (Patented ingredient)

Brightening Vita AA2G Ampoule (50ml)

This Vita. AA2G ampoule are special formulated ingredients to Moisturizing, Boosting Radiance and Brightening your skin

AA2G is a stabilized vitamin C at high temperatures and is not easy to be oxidized. It can restrain melanin, and works as collagen to restore skin to vitality. AA2G is verified by the global organization as safe, anti aging, and overall anti melanin. AA2G™(Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside) AA2G is absorbed by the skin, it gradually releases vitamin C. When penetrating into deeper layer of the skin, it is combined with aNAG in the skin. The stability of AA2G is 10 times than the normal vitamin C, it has multi-benefits: super antioxidant, to increase in the elasticity, whitening and anti aging.

Sea-buckthorn Fruit extract: Calming sensitive skin, stains, freckles improvement.

Pearl extract: Vitalizing, Brightening of your skin.

Kakadu plum extract: Natural Vitamin C, Brightening of your skin.

Aureobasidium Pullulans Ferment extract: Supplying nutrients, Moisturizing of your skin.

Betaine: Antioxidant effect

Made in Korea 


Free shipping within Malaysia. 

Same day delivery for selected areas ie Damansara, Mont Kiara, Desa Park City, Petaling Jaya, Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama, Tropicana Utama, City Kuala Lumpur. Cut off time to order before 12pm. 

For other areas not listed above may required 2-3 working days for shipment arrival.