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Dermastamp Facial Treatment (Micro Needle) to Reduce Scarring and Induce Collagen - Effortless

Dermastamp Facial Treatment (Micro Needle) to Reduce Scarring and Induce Collagen


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The dermastamp is a skin needling device clinically proven and used to treat acne scarring, deep fine lines and wrinkles. The needling process is to break down old scar tissue and stimulate new skin cells. The collagen induction helps to penetrate deeply into skin to form new tissue layers of elastin, stimulate new collagen fibres, reduce acne scar, improve blood supply and harmonize pigmentation.

The dermastamp significantly improve scar and skin texture. It does not use heat-based technology, therefore, no skin burning and side effects at all. The process also thickens the epidermis layer of the skin and form new collagen layer within a shorter time period compared to laser therapy. 

Book us 3 days in advance and we'll send professional beautician to your doorstep.

Suitable for 

Collagen Induction or Scar Reduction



2 hours

Home care device

Micro-needle device with fine needle 0.2mm


Needle pack is new and unopened until treatment starts

What is the process?

  1. Makeup remover lotion
  2. Multi-action cleanser
  3. Brightening exfoliant
  4. Extraction
  5. Dermastamp therapy
  6. Intensive Calming Mask
  7. Shoulder massage
  8. Toner
  9. Bio clearing lotion (antiseptic)
  10. Defense emulsion
  11. Advanced UV nude

How many times treatment do I need to see results?

It is recommended to perform at least 3 times for Collagen Induction Therapy and up to 5 times for Scar Reduction Therapy. Min 6 - 8 weeks separation time between treatments.

What products should I use after the Dermastamp treatment?

It is recommended to use anti-inflammatory skincare products and hyaluronic acid mask to hydrate especially Growth Factor serum containing VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

Are the products safe to be used?

  • All products used are licensed and registered with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)

What's else is included?

  • FREE 1 box of Hyaluronic Acid Mask (10pcs) worth RM159
  • Include LED therapy and micro-current treatment using Ms Circle skincare device  

    Service area

    Within Klang Valley only

    Who will be arriving at your doorstep?

    • Professional beautician with more than 5 years experience (all beauticians are vetted in terms of profile, experience and reliability)


    Booking time

    • First booking slot daily 10am
    • Last booking slot daily 8pm

    Availability day

    • Monday to Sunday

    Need tentative booking?

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    Payment Policy

    • 50% deposit payment to confirm booking 
    • 50% cash payment once job is completed


    • Online full payment (Discount code is only entitled to full payment made online)

    Follow this link to see available payment options.

      Booking Cancellation 

      • 20% cancellation fee will be imposed on the deposit amount and balance will be refunded to you 


          • Home service is available for female client only 


          Terms and Conditions

          1. Doorstep service is applicable for all locations within Klang Valley without extra charges except for areas Semenyih, Rawang, Genting, Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, or further than these locations. These locations are subject to RM50 - RM100 added transportation fees depending on the location of nearest PRO available.
          2. Bookings subject to availability of artist or therapist.
          3. For paid bookings with unavailable professional, full refund will be provided to you.
          4. For assigned bookings after payment is made, cancellation is subject to 20% administrative fees
          5. Full upfront payment must be made to get a PRO assigned to your booking
          6. Online health declaration form is required to fill up prior to booking confirmation.