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We want to make it effortlessly convenient

for family, friends and employees to
enjoy self-care pampering and fabulous makeover - because they deserve it!
"Thank you Effortless for the hard-work in preparing pamper kits for the Linde Team! They are extremely surprised and happy at the same time." Linde Engineering Malaysia 
"Mother, daughter and granddaughter pamper time. Thank you Effortless for making mani-pedi session for 3 generations possible!" 
Isaac Lee Sze Yaw
"The ladies are all happy with their photoshoot makeover. Make our arrangement much easier as well. Thank you Effortless!"
Wendy, HSBC
"Everything went well. It was challenging in the beginning but all went well and we manage to wrap us before due time. Thanks for catering to such big group." Eco World
"Photoshoot was nice and we all love the makeup. Thanks to your professional team! MYNIC
"It was fantastic!! We are so thankful for your team! Our wedding event went live on Youtube with >1k views and ppl really loved the makeup. Especially the mother in laws!" Evelyn, Wedding
"Very nice makeup and hairdo done, especially the boys."Sangla Foods 
"Everyone was happy with the pampering services.Colony
"Everything went well. Look forward to another group makeup class session again!SP Setia
"Loved the massage and manicure combo! You guys were just too awesome!" Castra
"Your girls are friendly and nice. Massage is sooo good." Apigate
"Family makeover and pampering is so convenient now. Thanks Effortless!" Marilyn, customer