Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care
Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care

Beauty Bundle - Deep Cleansing Facial Care

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Rodin SHO Special Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Cleansing foam contains special horse oil that is produced in Jeju Island. Have excellent function of skin repairing and skin protection. The horse oil extract effectively remove make up residues, pollutants, dullness and yellowness, white it also gently clarifies and minimizes pores to reintroduce skin translucency. 

Complex consist of 8 herbs extracts in this foam which works excellently to supply nutrition to repair the damage skin and calm down the sensitive skin:

Mandarin extract: Skin strengthen, skin cleansing.

Honey extract: The ingredient contained in honey can supply skin with efficient hydration and nutrition.

Kiwi extract: Motivate skin, soften cutin, supply nutrition.

Orange peel extract: Rich in Vitamin A, C and it can adjust skin tone, acid-resistant effect.

Broccoli extract: Contains Vitamin C, it can prevent the melanin form exist. It can also have acid-resistant and anti-wrinkle effect.

Aloe extract: Calm down skin, good moisturizing effect.

Avocado extract: Skin inflammation Resistant, Anti-wrinkle, Elastic improvement.

Lemon Grass extract: Sterilization, Skin Vitality improving.

Excellent Penetrate Ability: General facial cream can penetrate through the epidermis to the 0.06mm of skin, the ferment horse oil can penetrate into your skin as deep as 1.00mm, which is 15times as much as general facial cream.

Made in Korea

Abalone Super Aqua Hyaluronic Mask (10pcs)

The abalone integrates 20 times energy than human skin consisting minerals, proteins, amino acids and fatty acids. It protects sensitive skin and maintains elasticity for better skin condition.
Especially the "Condroitin sulfuric acid" which is mainly composed of mucin in abalone combines with skin protein and helps skin boost vitality leaving damaged skin due to stress to be refreshing and smooth.

Surprising energy that natural abalone has:
Contains 5% of abalone extract - Use 100% natural abalones that are extracted from clean districts. Abundance of collagens amino acid and minerals help skin to be refreshing and look more vitality.

Supply nutritions until deep inside of skin:
Great effects from abalones - Hinders the activated enzymes that dissembles elastin and collagen reduce wrinkles and improves elasticity causing anti-aging effect.

7 Flowers Complex:
7 types of different flowers complex helps skin to look more pure and liveliness.

Natural Moisturizing Factor components:
Contains Hyaluronic acid - Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid) that is well-known as moisturizing tank has great power of absorption helps rough skin to be hydrated.

Made in Korea

Deep Cleansing Dual Rotary Brush (Pink)

2 way rotating cleansing brush helps to tighten skin, deep pore cleansing and gently exfoliate for a refreshing clean face. Effectively cleanse 3 layers of skins to remove secretion on skin surface, dirt pores and dead cells in cuticles. 

Accelerate micro circulation, relieve fatigue, remove expression lines, brighten skin and restore skin elasticity and firmness.

Also suitable for acne and sensitive skin. 

Easy speed control. Soft brush gives you comfort touch on skin. Breathable protective cover with mini holes to prevent bacterial growth on brush head.