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Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set
Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set

Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set


Calm your way through a fragrant diffuser at the comfort of your home!

Whether work from home is causing too much stress or you just want to unwind and relax during a slow weekend, the Cocodor diffuser uses high-quality aromatic oil. Promising to put your restless mind to rest, and help you focus and become mindful.


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    Diffuser Types 

    1. Cocodor Diffuser Gift Set - Rose with LED Exclusive Edition

    • Diffuser 200ml
    • Glass Bottle 1pc + Refill 200ml 1pc
    • Preserved Pink Rose Flower 1pc
    • LED Mood Light sticker-type
    • Effortless RM30 Gift Card (1 pc)


    Exclusive edition package box Fragrance: Black Cherry: - Freshness of grape and apple is added to the sweetness of the ripe black cherry. The unique subtle sweetness of black cherries will warm the atmosphere


    2. Cocodor Aqua Reed Diffuser 120ml/4.0oz - Aqua Diffuser

    • Diffuser 120ml / 4.0oz
    • Wood Stick 5pcs
    • Wood Ball Stick 2pcs
    • Coloured Sand
    • Seashells Elegant glass bottles are 4.0 oz with reed sticks included
    • Effortless RM30 Gift Card (1 pc)


    Aqua Marine - As long as the sun beating down on incense looks like the cool summer heatwaves that blew away the blue sea. Watery melon, attractive rosemary, and white floral meet to give a refreshing and transparent smell.

    English Pearfree – White Freesia’s unique fresh floral fragrance blended with a gentle sweet fragrance of English pear, delivering a rich and elegant atmosphere.

    Refreshing Air - Clean cotton scent is added to the soft and bright mandarin & orange citrus note, helping you feel refreshed.

    You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste. It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent. When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or replace them with new ones.


    3. Cocodor Camellia Diffuser 200ml

    • 200ml(6.7oz) diffuser bottle
    • Reed stick 5pcs + Red Camellia stick 1pc + ( Indigo Pink Camellia stick 1pc + Misty Blue Preserved flower )
    • Effortless RM30 Gift Card (1 pc)


    2 types of Camellia fragrance

    1. Camellia - When camellia blooms, even the weather is at the coldest, red camellia warmly curled with hot vitality and it is the most pleasant scent in the white snow. Enjoy the fragrance of camellia, the one flower with a scent that covers this winter’s cold air.
    2. White Musk - Ascent with a rich white powdery feel with subtle sensuality added on top. Try to feel the deep charm of slowly permeating white musk scent.


    4. Cocodor Herbarium Diffuser 220ml

    • Glass Bottle 220ml / 7.4oz
    • Wood Stick 5pcs
    • Effortless RM30 Gift Card (1 pc)


    What is Herbarium? The Cocodor Herbarium allow you to enjoy the beauty of flowers and the fragrance of diffusers together. The spotlight is on its botanical specimen which acts as an interior accessory that gives the feeling of a real flower for a long time.



    4 types of Herbarium fragrance

    1. Floral Bouquet – The floral bouquet lilac with the attractive fragrance of fresh flowers and the carnation’s floral notes add a fresh scent and help you feel refreshed. 
    2. Pure Cotton – The citrus and mint added to the White Laundry note, delivers the clear, cotton texture as a scent. A scent containing a clean and pure feeling like a pure white duvet.
    3. Black Cherry - Freshness of grape and apple is added to the sweetness of the ripe black cherry. The unique subtle sweetness of black cherries will warm the atmosphere.
    4. April Breeze - A harmonious mixture of a strong floral scent, sweet berries, and a cosy and powdery note for a fragrance that delivers the sensation of a softener.


    Scented Card

    These easy, simple and effective scented cards are made to bring fragrances that will uplift their spirit and their environment. 

    Perfect for keeping drawers and wardrobes smelling fresh. Scented cards will leave a mild and pleasant aroma in storage spaces and anything you happen to be storing in them. Simply pop them at the back of a drawer or use the attached loop to hang them on your wardrobe rail.

    Each box has 3 card inside.

    Volume: 11g x 3 (total 33g)

    Dimension: 6.8 x 9.9 cm

    Each box contains 3 scented card. Unlike a liquid diffuser, it does not flow or stain in a solid form, so it can perfectly be used in a cabinet, drawer, car, or bag.

    Fragrance available:

    1. Magnolia - April festival where magnolia tree in full bloom and sweet & sour red berry glistening with elegance. As you walk along the path with your hands, enjoy the warmth of spring
    2. Eucalyptus - A single eucalyptus with its natural refreshing mint scent helps purify your space and mood. Enjoy the forest bathing in the eucalyptus forest towering high into the clear sky.



    How much is the courier shipping fee? Absolutely FREE for courier delivery within Peninsular Malaysia.

    What is the lead time for courier delivery to location within Peninsular Malaysia? Lead time 2-4 days after order confirmation.

    How much is same-day delivery fee?
    Click on the whatsapp button at the bottom right to check the added delivery fees to the respective delivery address. We only cover selected areas for same-day delivery within Klang Valley and orders must be placed before 11am from Monday to Friday.

    Do you cover shipping to East Malaysia?

    Yes, there is an additional RM7 per package for East Malaysia address.
    What is the delivery lead time to address within East Malaysia? Lead time 5-7 days after order confirmation.

    Card Message

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    How to Add Message?

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    Special Occasion

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    Lead Time

    Peninsular Malaysia: 2-4 days upon order confirmation

    West Malaysia: 5-7 days upon order confirmation

    Bulk Order (more than 10 boxes): 7 - 10 days upon order confirmation

    Bulk Order

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    Bulk Order Delivery (more than 10 boxes)

    7 -14 days upon order confirmation

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