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Doclab Skin Hydrate and Glow Ampoule (Prep your skin)
Doclab Skin Hydrate and Glow Ampoule (Prep your skin)

Doclab Skin Hydrate and Glow Ampoule (Prep your skin)


Doclab Hydro Renewal Ampoule - 12 Days Miracle

Note: Please note separate free shipping is not applicable for 1 bottle (2ml) purchase. This will be sent by your makeup artist during your makeup service appointment. 

The new Doclab Hydro Renewal Ampoule is the latest K-Beauty secret of skin renewal and revitalization invention that comes with high concentration of Triple Hyaluronic Acids and the latest clinically proven anti wrinkles and anti-aging active ingredient of Adenosine to help to reduce visible wrinkles, improves skin smoothness uneven skin pigmentation and hydration booster.

Made in Korea.

Main Ingredients

  1. Triple Hyaluronic Acid, known as the effective moisture renewal and skin rehydration. It helps to restore collagen reproduction beneath the skin, revive tired skin, reduce pigmentation, improve skin tone and fight ageing skin. 
  2. Adenosine, a super ingredient, is the nucleotide that consume by that fibroblast cell in the process of synthesizing collagen. It functions as anti inflammatory properties, reduce skin swelling, improves blood circulation and repair fine lines. Without adenosine, skin loses its effectiveness in collagen reproduction therefore cause skin wrinkles, loose skin surface and more fine lines.


  1. Make your skin glow and look healthy
  2. Improve skin result as fast as 2 weeks time
  3. Dermatologist tested and clinically developed and tested on Asian skin by leading medical experts in plastic surgery and dermatology industry
  4. Suitable for all skin conditions including hot climate
  5. Suitable for sensitive skin
  6. Formulates with natural plant extract for a healthier skin

When to use

  1. Morning and night /
  2. Before and after makeup application (half bottle each time)

12 days of Miracle Experience 

It’s first date with Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine by getting skin feels moisture

Triple Hyaluronic Acid kick in and your skin feels instantly firm and supply

Skin get hydrated supply

Get pumped up with rich antioxidants

Lighten your pigmentation inside out

Brighten your skin complexion

Play a role similar to filer on the skin surface

Adenosine kick in to reduce the look of deep wrinkles

Adenosine help to repair of damaged cells by increasing cell count to create vibrant and young skin

DAY 10
Improving visible sign of Aging

DAY 11
Skin smoothness and improving the texture of firmness

DAY 12
Your skin is read for party. It’s re-hydrated. Recover and feel radiant

How to use

Use one bottle a day before sleep for 6 days, and subsequently half bottle a day morning and night for maintenance. Scrub and apply hydration mask alternate days before applying the ampoule for better results.

What's in the box

  • 6 bottles of Doclab ampoule
  • 15cm x 9cm per bottle
  • 100gm per box