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Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack
Everyday Wellness Care Pack

Everyday Wellness Care Pack


~ Ultimate self-care kit to relax and rejuvenate ~

With the unrelenting stress caused by Covid pandemic, Effortless team has been working hard at ensuring you have the best self-massage experience at home.

Order your very own care package that helps you calm and relax.

With a supporting blend of essential ingredients such as lavender, peppermint, avocado, coconut oil, this kit contains 3 different types of massage roll-on. Vegan and premium quality. All designed to give you a perfect self-massage experience at home. Unscrew, apply and relax. 3 steps to feeling calm and rejuvenated. Oh, did we mention - anybody can use it. No age restrictions. 

Use it for chronic headache, respiratory cleansing, muscle relaxation or just for a good night's sleep. Absolutely your choice!

It is especially useful for those who don't want to call therapists to home for a massage. Till the time you're comfortable to book appointments, let these massage roll-ons remind you how awesome it is to be calm and stress-free while being 100% safe.

Like we say at Effortless, irrespective of any situation, be #effortlesslystrong!

1. Respiratory Support Roller ™  

  1. Creates a spa-like experience with a complete muscle relaxation
  2. Apply on your chest, wrist, neck
  3. Remedy for sore throat, cough, cold, sinuses
  4. Ingredients: High-quality essential oils - peppermint, lemon, R.C and avocado carrier oils

2. Good Sleep Roller ™ 

  1. Unwind and relax for a peaceful sleep
  2. Apply on your head, wrist, neck 
  3. Remedy for insomnia, stress, confused state of mind
  4. Ingredients: High-quality essential oils - lavender, frankincense, avocado carrier oil

3. Muscle Relaxing Roller ™ 

  1. Reduce pain, inflammation and muscle soreness
  2.  Apply on shoulders, neck, back muscles
  3. Provides a soothing and cooling sensation
  4. Ingredients: High-quality essential oils - peppermint, Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, copaiba, coconut oils


Effortless rating 


What's in the box

3 Essential Oil Massage Roll-on  (including delivery)

  1. Respiratory Support Roller ™  
  2. Good Sleep Roller ™ 
  3. Muscle Relaxing Roller ™ 

How it works

Apply generously on chest, wrist, neck, head, shoulders, back muscles


1. Mobility

Use it anywhere, anytime - pop in your bag, keep next to your laptop, etc.

2. Convenience

Uncomplicated, simple, made for easy-to-use. 

3. Simple yet essential

Release stress, promote better sleep, and chill

4. Quality

All products are curated and tested by our team to ensure they are easy to use and are good quality products.

5. Value for money

We choose products that are not easily discoverable in the market but is effective and value for money. 



Free courier delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. Additional RM7 for East Malaysia. For same day delivery, please enquire from our whatsapp chat or click here


Lead Time

1-2 days upon order confirmation.


Bulk Order

Enquire or whatsapp us to enquire for bulk purchase and personalized box label with company logo. 


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