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Keratin Lash Lift

Keratin Lash Lift

RM260.00 MYR

Book Experienced Lash Lift Artist Right to Your Doorstep

Keratin lash lift gives your lash an extra lift without damaging the original ones. Unlike extensions, it's a semi permanent lift process that results in a perfect pair of long, curled lashes without manually curling it everyday. Its perming and conditioning steps makes it last longer, compare to lash extension, and lower  maintenance. 


2 to 3 months


1 hour


  • Lash cleansing 
  • Perming gel application
  • Setting cream application 
  • Lash lift treatment 
  • Available within Klang Valley

    Who will arrive at your doorstep? 

    Lash artist with more than 3 years experience will consult you based on your eye shape, suitable lashes, what to expect and post care. 

    Suitable for:

    • Enhancement for healthy and long original lashes
    • Those who feel too much hassle maintaining lash extensions 
    • Those who prefer using mascara on lashes

    How to book

    For booking confirmation, select your preferred date and time, add to cart and make payment online. Select ipay88 payment provider for bank transfer or credit card options.

        Booking Cancellation 

        30% cancellation fee will be imposed on the deposit amount and balance will be refunded to you 


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