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Live Streaming Online Makeup Class (Evening look)

Live Streaming Online Makeup Class (Evening look)


First ever LIVE streaming makeup class in Malaysia!

Have you watched dozen of Youtube makeup videos but still feel helpless because the techniques are not applicable to you?

Now you can learn outstanding, professional, quick and easy beauty techniques right in the comfort on your own home. Effortless professional makeup artist in Malaysia turns to the internet to continue to empower women in the most amazing way. We have specially curated top makeup artist expert to do live streaming classes so you can learn anytime, anywhere! No pre-recorded videos as we want you to grasp each and every technique that is personalised to you. 

Live streaming makeup class will be conducted using video conferencing tool. Class is conducted on one-to-one basis to avoid interruption and delay in time. Trainer will be arranged to focus on one student at a time so you get full attention during tutorial and Q&A session. 

Choose your class topics, select your preferred class date and go online! It's that easy.


Master PRO makeup class: 2 hours 

Makeup Guru makeup class: 2 hours 

Makeup Fanatic makeup class: 2 hours 

Class Size

1-on-1 session. 

How it works

  1. Choose your preferred trainer's expertise level, select your date and time and confirm booking online by proceed checkout
  2. Make payment via credit card or bank transfer option (Paypal available) 
  3. You will receive email confirmation. Our representative will be in touch with you to recommend top 3 trainers personalised to your style preference, language and learning objective
  4. Choose your preferred trainer and confirm class schedule
  5. Go online and start learning! 

Suitable for 

This course is a dynamic upgrader course after you have attended the Basic course on How to Do Your Own Day Makeup Look class. You will learn outstanding techniques to do your own evening glam makeup for dinner occasion, parties or stage performance. Learn the beauty of applying the perfect tones; including proper makeup tools, eyes shadow application, brow techniques, flawless foundation application, blush application & beautiful lipstick colors.



Master PRO Class (2 hours)

A: Day makeup look (60 mins)

  1. Learn the different types of makeup brushes 
  2. Skin care fundamentals for heavy makeup 
  3. Achieving smokey eyes, gradient eye and few other eyeshadow look 
  4. Eyeliner and mascara
  5. Contour and highlights 
  6. Lips and finishing touches 

Tutorial and Q&A (60 mins)

You will get to do hands on session while trainer will guide you to ensure you are using the right technique. 


Makeup Guru/Fanatic Class (2 hours)

B: Day makeup look (60 mins)

  1. What you need to know about skincare
  2. Learn the different types of makeup brushes 
  3. Based application: correct selection based on individual base tones.
  4. Proper concealing depending on individual needs
  5. Correction makeup: reshaping of individual eye shape (using eyeshadow)
  6. Contouring and highlight for individual needs
  7. Eyeliner and mascara
  8. Lips

Tutorial and Q&A (60 mins)

You will get to do hands on session while trainer will guide you to ensure you are using the right technique. 



Use your own cosmetics and tools especially ie foundation, lipstick and basic color palette. During the training session, trainer will show you the right products to use based on your skin type.


Trainers Level

Choose your desired trainer level based on credentials below:

Master PRO 

  • Has more than 12 years experience in the industry
  • Participated in makeup competition domestically and abroad
  • Certified trainer in makeup academy 
  • Makeup influencer 
  • Has taught more than 200 students in Malaysia on professional makeup courses


Makeup Guru

  • Has 7 - 11 years experience in the industry
  • Full time professional makeup artist 
  • Has taught more than 100 students in Malaysia on personal makeup class
  • Has proven track record verified by Effortless 


Makeup Fanatic

  • Has 2 - 6 years experience in the industry
  • Has provided professional makeup service to more than 100 clienteles
  • Has proven track record verified by Effortless 
  • Possessed great talent in makeup 



  1. Has a laptop or mobile phone with High speed WIFI connection (mobile data is NOT recommended)
  2. Set device screen with bright light or natural sun light facing face direction 
  3. Have private room without any other noise interruption 


Terms and conditions

  1. Both parties (trainer and student) to meet check list as per requirement stated above to avoid unnecessary disruption. 
  2. Effortless will create video conferencing class and begin with WIFI connection check.
  3. Should there be constant class disruption, trainer will suggest another time to resume class for optimum result.
  4. We allow maximum up to two (2) time re-scheduling of class date and time. 
  5. Effortless to monitor and record training process to ensure both parties achieved objective.
  6. Both parties should not stop class in the middle of its duration (unless for break session). Any request of deferment or cancellation will subject to NO REPLACEMENT of class schedule. 
  7. All conversations recorded will be kept according to our privacy policy and shall not be used for marketing purposes unless consent provided by customer.
  8. Should there be dispute arises, Effortless will refer to the recorded video to decide on the next course of action. 


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