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Thalgo Father's Day Set
Thalgo Father's Day Set
Thalgo Father's Day Set

Thalgo Father's Day Set


Thalgo Father's Day Set

Have you ever caught your dad shaving while he is messily trying to cover the cuts from his razor?

Shaving has been a tradition for men and fathers across the world. Wake up morning, and you can see our busy dads/men carving out the beard to start the day. With this limited release, Thalgo Father's Day Set comes with all the essential items your dad will need. It is said that men shave atleast 3-5 times per week. What better gift than to gift something that could be used for a long time :) 

This Father's Day, don't think twice before you pick out these carefully curated shaving items put together just for your handsome dad. Have a great one!



Package include

4 Man product :
1.After shave balm 75ml
2.wake up shower gel 100ml
3.shaving gel 30ml
4.regenerating cream 50ml (retail size RM 250)

5. Man pouch
6.spain wine 750ml
Total worth rm690
Now ONLY RM190

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