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Treatment Massage for Pain Relieve

Treatment Massage for Pain Relieve


Treatment Massage

It is natural to confuse treatment massage with a regular wellness massage, but very few people actually know the differences between the two. You would be interested to know that treatment massage is:

  • Used to solve a specific problem such as certain body disorientation, or muscle soreness
  • Usually involves highly qualified and competent massage therapists
  • Caters to your needs through proper diagnosis, treatment plan along with a followup session
  • Involves documentation of your health details, diagnosis, problems, future treatment plans

This treatment massage session will use a combination of Thai / Swedish massage, sports injury massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release technique, and mobilization technique.

Your massage experience will begin with a consultation with one of our expert therapists, who will help you understand what you need to attain healing and relaxation. Effortless sends certified therapists right to your doorstep for your ultimate convenience. 

Suitable for 

  1. Assist in stroke recovery,relieve pain for people living with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  2. Reduce agitation in Alzheimer's patient
  3. Providing the much-needed relaxation and comfort to cancer survivor and people living with cancer, Parkinson, auto immune diseases i.e lupus or nervous system disorder i.e. Tourette Syndrome etc
  4. Address various muscle-joint related issues including lower back pain, sciatica pain, frozen shoulder, tennis / golfer's elbow and tendonitis
  5. Complementing the work of your physiotherapist in restoring mobility to the limbs
  6. Improve on the balance, gait and posture which particularly helps in preventing a senior from falling easily by giving them a better sense of proprioception.
  7. Address various conditions that are experienced by amputees especially muscle and joint tightness due to compensatory structure.



  • The session can be done on a yoga mat or massage table (provided by the therapist). If you wish, it can also be done on your own bed, mattress or mat
  • Massage oil will be provided (we use a virgin coconut carrier oil with aloe vera essential oil). Alternatively, Shea body butter with lavender/lemongrass essential oil




  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce chronic muscle problems, such as soreness, injury, or imbalance
  • Help relieve tight muscles, chronic muscle pain, and anxiety
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Improve the quality of sleep


How to book

  1. Select your preferred date and time
  2. Click Book Now
  3. Enter address, notes and booking information
  4. Complete payment online (Select ipay88 payment provider for bank transfer or credit card options)
  5. Once confirmed, our representative will be in touch with you 

    Payment Policy

    To secure an appointment slot, advance full payment is required through an online 3rd party processing system. No cash is accepted to avoid disputes. 

    Payment options (link):

    1. Online bank transfer 
    2. Credit card 
    3. Boost e-wallet 
    4. Maybank QR pay 

      Cancellation Policy

      1. Once confirmed, a booking appointment can be transferred to others (within coverage areas) or change to another date 
      2. For advance cancellation of booking, a 20% cancellation fee will be imposed on the paid booking fees and balance will be refunded to you.
      3. For cancellation on the same day of booking, no refund will be provided due to time allocated by the service provider 


            1. How do I make appointment? Log in to your account and select your service from main menu. From there, you will be guided through choosing a style and price point. Then sit back and wait for your beauty professional to arrive. 
            2. Can I make 50% deposit payment? We collect upfront full payment to secure your appointment slot
            3. What if the artist / stylist did not show up? We will provide full refund should there be no artist available on your appointment date. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. In addition, we reimburse you with 3,000 points to your account for any cancellation from our side due to unforeseen circumstances. 
            4. Who are the beauty professionals? They are all specialists with proven experience and qualification. Background checks all capable and qualified to provide services. 
            5. Which area do you cover? Our service is available in Klang Valley only.
            6. Do you charge extra transportation fees? No extra charges except for areas outside of Klang Valley ie Janda Baik, Genting Highlands, Sekinchan or Bentong

            Read more FAQ here link 

            Terms and Conditions

            1. Strictly for professional service only
            2. We redeem to withdraw or request masseuse to leave your premise if it is deemed that any client's act is offensive or incompatible with the comfort of our professionals and we shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person. 
            3. Doorstep service is applicable for all locations within Klang Valley without extra charges except for areas Semenyih, Rawang, Genting, Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, or further than these locations. These locations are subject to RM50 - RM100 added transportation fees depending on the location of nearest PRO available.
            4. Bookings subject to availability of therapist.
            5. For paid bookings with unavailable professional, full refund will be provided to you.
            6. For assigned bookings after payment is made, cancellation is subject to 20% administrative fees
            7. Full upfront payment must be made to get a PRO assigned to your booking
            8. Online health declaration form is required to fill up prior to booking confirmation.
            9. Treatment Massage is not a substitute for traditional medical or any medications.
            10. The therapist does not diagnose illnesses or injuries or certify to prescribe any medications.
            11. Client is responsible to inform therapist of discomfort (if any) that client may feel during the session so adjustment can be made accordingly.
            12. The risk associated with treatment massage may include (but not limited to):
              superficial bruising, short term muscle soreness, exacerbation of undiscovered injury etc
            13. The therapist or client may terminate the session at any time.

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