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  • Bringing safe and fabulous pampering to you

    with curated private venues that are instagrammable worthy

  • Massage on the go with wellness kit

    Feel calm and rejuvenated with premium wellness roller blend delivered to your doorstep

  • "Happy people make for great business. " Jack Ma

    Work from home with safe and pampering services to keep your employees feeling productive and cared for

  • Empowering Women, Building Confidence

    Bring attraction to your events while improving the livelihood of thousands of malaysian women

  • We are ready to serve you!

    Our Pros are ready with protective gears and top hygiene measures


Customer Testimonials

"Asaki is friendly and her makeup skill is really amazing." Chloe Ooi
"She made me look and feel so gorgeous. She respectfully listen to my request and fulfilling it. Overall I had a great experience!" Daphne
"Thank you so much. Even until last night 1am before I wipe off and bath still looking good." Delina
"Thanks again Effortless for making me event ready for 2019!" Daphne Iking
"Yea it's good, I hope it would last very long haha." NC Wan
"Very happy with service, Christina was pleasant and efficient." Joey 
"Thank you so much I'm satisfied with Miles skills and experience. She did a great job." June Ng
"I loved her! She so sweet and I love the nail art she did." Marley 

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