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Our Story
Effortless is focused on empowering women, building confidence.

The beauty and wellness industry is filled with increasingly talented professionals that do not necessary work in retails anymore due to changing financial and work flexibility needs especially for single mom who has to take care of kids and to sustain family household. As such, chances of being recognised for their work and getting paid for equivalent is much lesser. On the other hand, customers are constrained to a broken system whereby social medias are flooded with information however it's hard to ascertain if beautiful stories or pictures equates to service level and customer service that is up to expectation.

We are building a platform to fix that broken system. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Effortless connects the missing links in the industry.

Our goal is to inspire and to build confidence as we continue on our journey to provide access, instant availability and convenience to meet the needs of women. For every booking, 50% of our revenue was paid to Effortless Pros to sustain their livelihood.

Our vision is to empower future of beauty and wellness industry to mobilise and operate seamlessly - all within one mobile app. And we’re just getting started!

Personal message by Founder

Miko Teck

Our Team

We are proud to build an all female team working towards a better future in the beauty industry.
We work with selected talents that are not only experienced but also have demonstrated high quality of STANDARDS in what they do while putting HIGH emphasis on customers needs and experience.

We understand that one size doesn't fits all when it comes to beauty. Not everyone will have the same level of feedback but our selected talents are the ones who took time to listen and understand customers requirement - and keep perfecting to achieve customer satisfaction.

We've heard countless of testimonials from our customers after completing a beauty makeover service by them. We believe they are STARS!
Hao ran
Chui Ling

We empower beauty experts to live their dreams!

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We build talents in the beauty industry

and ensure to bring these values to our customers:
  • professional skills
  • pleasant attitude
  • courteous and polite
  • always do extra miles

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Our Core Values
  • Customer First
  • Responsibility
  • Empowerment
  • Results-Oriented
  • Continuous Improvement
Our Goals
1. Empowering women to feel confident in their daily lives

2. Constantly improve service level and provide unique, personalised experience

3. Providing job opportunities to service providers to sustain their livelihood

4. Give back to women's foundation to help the less fortunate ones

5. Providing training opportunities for up-skilling purpose both technical and soft skills
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