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Physiowerkz Movement Training
Physiowerkz Movement Training
Physiowerkz Movement Training
Physiowerkz Movement Training
Physiowerkz Movement Training

Physiowerkz Movement Training


Mov-inFITnitum Training

InFITnitum is an individualized and holistically designed program to maintain and enhance physical longevity. This program is the amalgamation of our years of experience treating patients suffering from a wide range of mobility problems. InFITnitum aims to forge a connection between our mind and body so that we can understand our body as a whole unit and move better. It will show how we can make the most out of our day-to-day activities, and complete daily tasks in a more pleasant and pain-free manner. It can identify movement dysfunctions, improvement for regular day-to-day efficiency and functionality, or sports-specific performance.

In sports, inFITnitum assists sportsmen/women to understand their body’s capabilities based on their musculature, temperament, and lifestyle, and how to connect all of them effectively to achieve the desired performance goals without injury. At Physiowerkz, Mov-inFITnitum training helps the client to understand their body in a stationary state and in motion, how they can achieve more with the least effort safely – in day-to-day activities or to meet sports-specific goals.

45 minutes

Service Location
Physiowerkz Publika: A2-02-06, Publika Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Physiowerkz Soho Suites KLCC: B1-36-5, Soho Suites KLCC, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Suitable for

  • Anyone who'd like to retrain their fitness and perform their daily activities with pain-free
  • Sportsperson who is looking for specific performance enhancement"


Not suitable for 

  • Anyone with heart-related diseases
  • Pregnant lady



  • The client is able to achieve the desired performance goals (day-to-day activities/sports specific goals) without injury, and achieve more with the least effort.


How to book

  1. Select your preferred date and time
  2. Click Book Now
  3. Enter address, notes, and booking information
  4. Complete payment online (Select ipay88 payment provider for bank transfer or credit card options)
  5. Once confirmed, our representative will be in touch with you 

    Payment Policy

    Full payment to be made online via Credit card or bank transfer option prior to scheduling your home service appointment. 



    1. What should I prepare for the first session? Come with loose/ stretchable attire which does not restrict the freedom of your movement, as there will be a fitness/ movement assessment that requires you to move.
    2. I have never exercised before in my life, is your exercise program safe for me? Physical training is safe for most. However, we will screen your medical conditions through the pre-participation questionnaire and will recommend you to seek a physician before starting. As long as start slowly and not rush to progress or push yourself too quickly, there are so many amazing benefits for you to realize.
    3. Do I need to purchase any equipment to start training? No for most of the time. The trainer will usually modify the exercises as much and prescribe them according to your accessibility to fit in your program.
    4. What will usually be done in the session? A typical session will last for 45-60 minutes. It started with a brief warm-up session, followed by the main workouts which in line with the pre-designed objectives of the training program. Lastly, wrap up with a cool-down session.
    5. Will I be doing the same thing every session? No. The activities of each session will vary according to the client's conditions, and progression.
    6. I have injuries, can I still train? Yes, but the training will be modified to the level your body can handle. Besides, we will get you to consult our physiotherapists and we work alongside together.
    7. How long will I take to see my results? It depends, but generally at least 8 weeks. This will depend on factors like your baseline fitness level, how committed you are, what is the intensity/ frequency, the 'results' you wanted to see, etc. We encourage you to feel/ aware of the internal changes like strength, stress level, how energetic you feel each day, etc., while not solely/ overly emphasize the visual outcome ('good looking' body).
    8. How often should I train? You can begin with 2-3 times per week of 30-45 minutes per session is a good baseline for achieving or feeling the progression and results. However, it will depend on how's your schedule be like. It is also better to train with the body that has adequate rest, well hydration, and nutritional intakes are as important. A fatigued body or stressed out mental can put you at injury risk when train.
    9. Where should I train? When you are not with us, you can train at a garden, outdoor public park, residential common areas, your house backyard, etc., as long as is spacious enough to move and you comfortable with.
    10. Would you put me on a certain diet during the training program? No, that's not within our trainer's scope of practice as we are not professional or licensed nutritionists. Hence, it is illegal for us to prescribe or advise any specific foods or supplements you should/ should not take. However, we can assist by tracking your basic healthy nutrition through your dietary habits.
    11. Will you stop me from drinking/smoking/eating junk foods? We are aware that in order to change the unhealthy lifestyle, it takes time and effort from you to work within it, we do give advice on lifestyle and basic nutritions - whether you adopt it, is beyond our scope of control. As your body becomes fitter, you know how to treat your body better. However, we understand everyone needs joys, the key is just to balance it right.


    Terms and Conditions

    1. By appointment only
    2. If you need to reschedule or cancel your session, we require 24 hours of advance notice. Any missed or canceled appointment within 24 hours will be charged RM100 cancellation fee.