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Magnetic Eyelash and Cavilla Serum Kit

Magnetic Eyelash and Cavilla Serum Kit


Looking for an easy alternative to lash extensions? The magnetic eyelash kit is highly recommended by the Effortless team because it's affordable, long lasting and not too difficult to wear on (well, compare to so many others that we've tried before). Most importantly, it doesn't look fake and it can last the whole day. 

This bundle kit comes with 2 pairs of eyelashes in a classy holder and a Cavilla Eyelash Serum to keep your lashes and healthy. 

Made with handmade mink eyelashes, its cruelty-free and ultra-fine material. No glue needed, reusable and natural style. This is your quick go to the solution while letting your lash rest from extensions. Wear them for your dinner occasion, makeup and get ready to go!



Length: 7 - 19mm 
Width: 1 - 1.5cm 
Styles:10 Styles eyelashes to choose from
Quantity: 2 pairs in a box
Cruelty free: Yes 
Color: Natural black



Kit contains all tools needed and it worked great. Products are curated to provide the best alternative to eyelash extensions. Tools are quality products tested by Effortless team. 

  • Grade A fiber, 100% handmade magnetic eyelashes, ultra soft and long 
  • 3D 5 magnetic eyelashes: no glue, avoid glue allergy
  • Magnetic eyeliner: use with magnetic eyelashes for easier operation
  • Easy to wear with dedicated tweezers
  • Each eyelash has 5 magnets for better fit. (A lot of false eyelashes on Amazon have only 3 magnets)
  • With proper use and storage, our magnetic eyelashes can be used for many times
  • Universal fits all eye sizes, easy to clean. Use a moist towelette to clean the eyelashes makeup or the residue
  • Ultra-lightweight, you may even forget you're wearing it 


Type of lashes

Choose your preferred type of lashes from this page and write it in the notes column when you check. 



How to use

1. Along the roots of the eyelashes, draw an eyeliner long and wide enough. 
2. Wait for the eyeliner to dry totally and prevent eyeliner from blooming. 
3. Directly wear magnetic false eyelashes 
For Better Use:
1. Magnetic eyelashes can only be worn after the eyeliner is completely dry. 
2. If the eyelashes are not pasted firmly enough, you can draw the eyeliner thicker. 
3. Always remember to store the magnetic eyelashes in the case when not in use. 
4. Gently handle them when applying or removing the magnetic eyelashes. 
5. Remove the magnetic false eyelashes off before washing face or showering and sleeping. 

What's in the box

Package Included:
1 x Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
2 x Pair Magnetic Eyelashes
1 x tweezers

1 x Cavilla Eyelash Serum 


Effortless rating 



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