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NatureCo Rosehip Serum Organic Oil

NatureCo Rosehip Serum Organic Oil


Rosehip Virgin Organic oil + Antioxidants

Highly recommended, must-have step to add to a daily skincare routine. Layered underneath the moisturizer. Plant extracts contain potent concentrated bio-actives; fatty acids and phytonutrients, some not produced in the body naturally. All are much needed to maintain a youthful, healthy functioning skin, and key to fighting aging, to calm the super-sensitive damaged skin. Re-balance overproduction of natural oil. Smooth out fine lines and pores. Skin is supple, bright, and radiant with an inner glow.

Raw plant extracts are the best and safest topical skin food, even for the most troubled sensitive skin. From seeds of the rosehip fruit. Renowned for its incredible skin healing and regenerative capabilities. Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, and other Hollywood celebrities also swear by rosehip.
Australian Certified Organic. Cold-pressed (extraction without chemicals and heat). Virgin. Unadulterated. Cosmetic grade. 100% pure plant extracts, no fillers.


Suitable for

  • All skin types and genders
  • Recommended age group - late 20s, 30s, and mature skin

How to use

Morning & night,
(1) Spread 1-2 drops evenly on the face (while skin is still soft after toner and earlier skincare layers)
(2) Gently massage in small circular motion till fully absorbed
(3) Spread a thin layer underneath the eyes and neck

*Can increase more drops over time, to your liking.






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