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Personal Makeup Class
Personal Makeup Class

Personal Makeup Class


Looking to enhance your personal image with makeup skills? Join Effortless professional makeup artist for a day makeup class in KL. Learn the latest trend and techniques to achieve the daily makeup look that will make you feel great.

Lessons will cover the latest trend, skin care knowledge and is personalised according to age group, makeup aspirations and personal style preference.

Our artist is chosen based on years of experience in personal and every day work style makeup. Book your slot today to learn how to look professional and polished at work.

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4 hours

Class Size

Private session. Trainer will be conducting class at your preferred location. 


Please pick your preferred date and time from the calendar above. Our representative will be in touch with you to recommend trainer's profile and confirm class date.

Suitable for 

  • Women entrepreneur wanted to enhance image for career success
  • Office executives for corporate success
  • Mom or housewives small business owner to enhance personal confidence


Beginners who don't apply makeup on day to day basis or apply basic makeup only

What you will learn

Day makeup look 

  1. What you need to know about skincare
  2. Learn the different types of makeup brushes 
  3. Based application: correct selection based on individual base tones.
  4. Proper concealing depending on individual needs
  5. Correction makeup: reshaping of individual eye shape (using eyeshadow)
  6. Contouring and highlight for individual needs
  7. Eyeliner and mascara
  8. Lips


You will get to do hands on session while trainer will guide you to ensure you are using the right technique. 

  1. Common makeup mistakes 
  2. Latest makeup trends
  3. What type of makeup product suits you


It is recommended to bring your own cosmetics and tools especially ie foundation, lipstick and basic color palette. During the training session, trainer will provide sufficient cosmetics and tools for you to try on. 


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Online Makeup Class

Prefer to learn the latest makeup techniques at the comfort of home? Find out how to sign up for a private video conferencing class with trainer assigned based on your learning objective.
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Effortless handpicks certified makeup artist expert in Malaysia based on the following criteria:

1) Your learning objective
2) Trainer's skill level according to your budget
3) Language preference

You will get top 3 trainer recommendation personalised to your needs before you begin the class.

What's Your Learning Style?

Effortless caters to multiple class format to various individuals who has different learning style:

1) Attend physical class
2) Video conferencing class
3) Workshop in small groups
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