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Looking for a perfect set of eye-brows? [ 4 Simple Home Remedies ]

Posted on June 09 2020

Looking for a perfect set of eye-brows? [ 4 Simple Home Remedies ]

The prose “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder” is a paraphrase of a statement by Greece philosopher Plato and is expressed by an Irish novelist in the 19th century.

Beauty lies in the eyes in the beholder

Such a deep and a true statement – beauty is perceived by everyone in their own ways. And for that, we are blessed with a pair of beautiful eyes which is unique to each person 😊

But what comes above the eyes also holds importance especially, in present times when eyebrow methodologies such as microblading exists.

Gone are the days of just eye-makeup, now there exists a full-proof industry dealing only with eye-brows laser-focused on giving you the best eye look ever.

In Kuala Lumpur, with advent in Brow bars, Eyebrow Embroidery salons, Microblading services – possessing perfectly shaped brows has become a trend-setting niche.

Eyebrows in Kuala Lumpur

Although eyebrows have garnered so much interest and value in the past couple of years, many people still don’t pay enough attention towards maintaining it. But have you noticed that our eyebrows can actually frame our face and accentuate the natural beauty -- even more than any other features such as lips, cheeks?  Maybe because we tend to notice the eyes first when we see somebody...  

As a woman with multiple responsibilities and barely no time, keeping your spine erect and eyes focused on your work becomes a necessity. Since eyes are the windows to the soul of a person, your day-to-day activities will prove to be a lot more positive and successful with well-groomed brows. Whether we are talking about board meetings, difficult talks with your child, bargaining with a fellow at farmer’s market – strong brows can make you look put-together and much more in control. Think of it as power of body language and facial features – unfolding your arms, not slouching your shoulders, having a light smile and possessing strong brows. These features can instantly make you look more presentable, confident and ready to take on the world.

Professional Asian Woman

So, if you want strong eyes then it’s time to really put in the efforts on your brows. These quick & convenient tips for perfect eye-brows can turn people’s heads – in a good way!

There are many ways to groom and shape your brows while giving them some drama. Read further to discover 3 different at-home ways of taking care of your brows such as tweezing, waxing, and threading and, 1 bonus tip – booking an on-demand eyebrow service by a professional!

 Professional Eyebrow Beauty Service On-demand


1. Do It Yourself: Tweezing Eyebrows

Eyebrow Tweezers

  • Hold the tweezers between thumb and index finger
  • Aiming at a stray hair, grab it between the tips of the tweezers, almost touching the skin
  • Challenging part: carefully pull out quickly in the direction of hair growth
  • Repeat until all unwanted, stray hairs are gone

    “Fill in eyebrow gaps like an expert. If you can't pick up your tweezers, you can still pick up your makeup.There's no avoiding it: Your brows will go through an ugly phase during the grow-out process, and makeup is going to come in really handy.  ‘This is where brow fillers, pencils, waxes, and putties come in very handy,’ says makeup artist Maribeth Madron. ‘If your brows are a good shape and you're filling in holes, pencils and powders are best.' "

    ‘What you need to do is paint on the brow shape you want,’ Madron explains, ‘covering up all the patchy, new growth inside the lines with a wax/powder combination or a putty-like product, both of which are more forgiving, and tame stubborn hairs.’ 

    Source: Link


    2. Do It Yourself: Waxing Eyebrows

    Do it yourself eyebrow waxing

    • Heat up wax in microwave or over stove
    • Don’t let the wax heat up too much lest it burn your skin later
    • Use a wooden (ice-cream) stick to lightly coat a small area of skin with wax
    • Press down a fabric strip over the waxed area
    • Carefully but quickly pull off the strip
    • Repeat until all unwanted, stray hairs are gone
    • To reduce post-waxing skin irritations, apply oil or aloe vera on the affected area


      Good to know –

      “Use flicking motions to create the most realistic-looking hairs --

      Okay, please, please, please do not fill in your brows with one single, heavy-handed strike of any product. Tiny hair-like strokes are the goal here, so you'll want to use small flicking motions to apply said pencil (or an angled brush dipped in brow powder—you pick the poison, remember?) in the direction your hair grows.

      Buff out any harsh lines --

      Mapping out the shape of your brow with a pencil and then not diffusing it can be a total tell-tale sign that they're, well, drawn on. A fast fix? Create your shape by using tiny, hair-like strokes, regardless of whether you use a pencil, an angled brush topped with brow powder, and then use a spoolie to buff out any harsh lines with subtle back and forth motions.”

      Source: Link


      3. Do It Yourself: Threading Eyebrows

      Eyebrow threading

      • “First you will need to cut a piece of sewing thread about 11 inches long (if you have big hands/fingers then you might need a longer piece of thread)
      • Now, tie the thread in a knot to make a loop
      • Insert two fingers from both hands into the loop. Ensure you keep the knot on your fingers to keep it hidden
      • Twist the fingers on one hand to make an 'X'
      • Twist your fingers a few more times in the same direction (around 4 twists should be enough)
      • Now, place your index finger and thumb inside the loop (make sure you don't end up losing the shape of the thread)
      • Keep the fingers of one hand pinched together while you open the fingers of the other hand. So, this will slide the twisted part of the thread over. This movement is how the thread will grip the hair and pulls it out.
      • What you want to do is make sure you pull the hair in the opposite direction of the way it grows. So, place one hand above your brow and the other hand below. Hence, the hand that will be used to move the twisted part of the thread will be the hand below the brows
      • Next, place the hair you want to pull out in the 'V' part of the thread.
      • Open fingers on hand below the brow to move the twist over the hair. The hair gets caught in the twist and THUS will be pulled out!!! This movement needs to be done fast. It will work easier and be painless
      • Open the fingers of the other hand to place the twist back in the middle. Then you can repeat step 4 over again
      • ***MAKE SURE WHEN YOU DO THIS STEP, YOU DON'T HAVE THE THREAD NEAR HAIR. It could lead to accidentally pulling hair out. ***
      • When threading near the hair you don't want removed, you can use the thread to push the hair out of the way. This will allow easier access to the hair you want removed
      • I suggest practicing the movements first. Alternating between opening one hand and the other
      • I also suggest practicing on your leg hair before attempting the brow. It is hard to control the thread in the beginning. If you don't practice first, you may end up with very oddly shaped eyebrows.”


       Source: Link


      4. BONUS POINT!

      Of course, if any of the above methods sound very alien or scary to you – you are always welcome to book at-home on-demand brow services. With advancement in cab services, e-shopping, fresh vegetables & fruits delivery – beauty services delivery is also a thing now.

      Being a busy mom or a career-oriented bad-ass – it takes a lot of effort and time to fix ourselves up for different occasions. We are constantly required to attend events, be presentable for office or put-together at home. It would be so much better if you could focus on all the important parts of your life and leave the grooming to somebody else, isn’t it?

      Especially, when there are so many responsibilities and demands from different people in your life. Playing so many roles is definitely not easy – we are somebody’s daughter, or wife, or girlfriend, or mother, or grandmother, or aunt, or best friend, or a boss, or a colleague. Constantly juggling and managing so many things is stressful, taxing and honestly, exhausting.

      And hence, we enter your life – as a catalyst for your performance in life --the headache of giving you a complete confident look lies on our shoulders and that’s the motto of Effortless Beauty consultants.

      Beauty Professionals at your service

      Whether its eyebrows shaping, eyebrow embroidery or lash services – or even facial and makeup, we provide best professional services at the comfort of your home. That’s right – we come to you, not the other way round 😊

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