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Top Makeup Artists in Malaysia That Won't Break The Bank

Posted on February 28 2020

Top Makeup Artists in Malaysia That Won't Break The Bank

‘It’s an important occasion. I’ve got to get my makeup and hair done. But where? The salon nearby my place just does whatever they like and never listens or advices me accordingly. I might as well do it on my own, but I need that extra ‘wow!’ factor. Why is this so hard?’

Ever found yourself in such a dilemma? Makeup and hairdo shouldn’t be this difficult but should be a relaxing, pampering and feel-good experience. It’s the getting ready before the party that gets you excited; that you look forward to. After all, it’s not every day we get dolled up for a special occasion. So, we’ve got to make this one count, right?

Finding the right makeup artist is the biggest challenge. There’s just so many everywhere! Everyone claims to know the latest styles, the best makeup tricks. But do they work for you, personally?

It’s difficult finding the right makeup artist for yourself. Every artist has their own personal style and expertise. Some are just better at natural makeup styles, some are contouring queens that can make that double chin disappear, some are amazing in their Hollywood look…

And then there are those who just can’t seem to blend the correct colour shade to your skin tone, that doesn’t know what to do with your monolids, that are adamant that they know what’s best for you without hearing you out. What a nightmare!

Our personal style is unique and finding the right artist who can give you what you want, and need is truly an art in its highest mastery form.

So, breath a breath of fresh because Effortless does just that.

Our solution to finding you the right makeup artist? By simply asking you what it is you want and need. When you request a makeup and hairdo appointment with us, you are given a form to fill out and pick what type of look it is you want to achieve.

All of our makeup artists and beauticians are interviewed, vetted and trial-run before onboarding them into the Effortless family. We make sure to onboard only those who have showed us utmost professionalism, skill and with a friendly and can-do attitude.

From finding out your skin concerns (if you have acne, dry skin or oily spots) to learning what type of event you’re attending, to the style of hairdo you hope to achieve with the type of hair you have and of course, what makes you feel comfortable, we have covered every step.

Once we know what your preferences are, we will then select your makeup artist based on your needs and assign them to your appointment. Hassle free.

Want to have the perfect baby doll look but with grungy hair? We’ll send an artist who can balance two different styles and blend it seamlessly. Want Korean style? We’ll send our artist who lives and breaths Korean beauty trends and who can make your skin look like you’ve had 12 hours of sleep.

What we won’t do?

We won’t assign a makeup artist who is great at Korean style makeup... but you wanted to look like Kim Kardashian for the night. The two combination just won’t jive well together, and you’ll left feeling disappointed.

Not interested in wearing fake eyelashes to brighten and make your eyes seem bigger? Our artists will never force you to try on a makeup style you’re not comfortable with even if they believe it will suit you. They will advise and give you suggestions and hear out what you’re feeling and ultimately follow accordingly. At the end of the day it is your look and what you feel most comfortable in that really matters.

And because we provide doorstep service, you don’t need to worry about beating the traffic or getting caught in bad weather.

It’s all so simple.

Saves the headache, saves time and you get to relax, confident knowing you’re going to look and feel good for the day.

With over 300+ artists and beauticians, we have definitely got all areas covered!

Now let’s meet some of our top-rated makeup artists that always deliver top notch quality service anytime, anywhere.

Jasmine, Effortless Senior Pro Makeup Artist


Strength: All-rounder. Korean style, flawless skin, bridal, glam goddess, ethereal beauty, airbrush-like finishing touch.

Makeup Style: Timeless

What she’s an expert of: Finger waves, bridal makeup, porcelain skin, peachy blush tones

Jasmine’s is an all-rounder. Any look you ask for, she can do it for you. It’s because Jasmine has years of experience working with different types of clientele that has allowed her skills to grow exponentially. She is always up to date on the newest beauty trends, both east and west. 

Our most requested makeup artist has excellent bridal makeup skills as well. As our bridal and wedding makeup artist, customers love her no-nonsense style and her laser focus… all while doing her job with a smile! That’s no easy feat ;)

Her ability to highlight your favourite features is one of her top secrets. She just knows every trick and has all kinds of secrets up her sleeves to make you feel your most confident on the most important day of your life. She’s also really skilled at hiding or minimising any problem areas that you’d like to hide. She’s a pro when it comes to blending and hiding bumps or acne. Did we mention she’s all about flawless skin? ;) Not to mention her makeup lasts the whole night! So, you can be sure to cry those happy tears and still look fabulous.

Kind and always helpful, Jasmine has again and again proven to our clients that great skills and professionalism matter in our line of work. Makeup and hairdo is an art, and she makes it seem so easy.

Kate, Effortless Pro Makeup Artist

Strength: Korean style, natural makeup, baby doll look

Makeup Style: Sweet

What she’s an expert of: Youthful look, natural no-makeup makeup look, soft curls

Anytime you want to look young, hip and fresh – Kate’s the one to go. Her makeup style reflects her own style: sweet, baby doll and totally adorable. With an abundance of experience, she has perfected the Korean fresh and natural look.

If you’re looking to attend a baby shower, birthday parties or even an engagement and want to look fresh, bright, youthful and full of life, Kate’s the one the go. She has a knack for turning back the clock and making you look years younger. Want to look sweet and demure? No problem!

Customers love her sweet personality and she’s always up to create a light and fun mood. Bubbly and cheerful, Kate embodies everything a young, talented and bright makeup artist should be. She’s always hearing you out and making sure you’re comfortable and happy with the end result.

Kate’s style is to express and highlight your natural features, hence why she loves the natural no-makeup makeup look. She believes in enhancing your best features and natural beauty- never hiding it. Especially with our Dinner Makeup & Hairdo Package where we highlight natural style makeup, Kate’s an absolute pro.

Luna, Effortless Pro Makeup Artist

Strength: Fantasy, colourful, photoshoot makeup

Makeup Style: Sharp & precise

What she’s an expert of: Colourful makeup, fantasy-style, young and hip

Luna is a gem. Looking at her you’d think she’s shy and timid, but when she takes out her makeup brushes you can see all of her personality burst out and how creative she is. If you want to try something new to experiment and want something out of the ordinary, Luna is the one for you!

Customers love her sweet, shy but confident allure. She always hears you out and wants to understand what you want and at the same time match the makeup look to your style. While she loves colours and vibrancy, she knows when to turn it up or lower it down according to your personality.

If you are attending special themed parties like annual dinners or birthday parties can surely look forward to Luna’s expertise. Even if you don’t want to go all out-costume makeup and just want something subtle, but somehow stand out just enough, Luna has all the tricks and ideas that will come bursting out. Attending a party with a fairy theme but just don’t want to get decked out in glitter makeup yet want to make a statement? Luna will know just what to do and recommend a few ways for you to choose from.

Another one of her skills? Photoshoot makeup! As we all know doing your makeup and hairdo for photoshoots is totally different than a dinner makeup as it requires the skills to make sure your skin doesn’t look pale, flat, oily or blue-ish when the picture is taken. Luna has tons of experience with this and has the knack to make you look just as you do in person, but in print and digital. Now that’s one skill that’s truly enviable!

Veen Nio, Effortless Senior Pro Makeup Artist


Strength: The perfect red lip, contouring, structured makeup, bridal

Makeup Style: Simple elegance

What she’s an expert of: Elegant, classy, polished looks

A veteran makeup artist, Veen Nio has years and years of experience perfecting the regal and polished look. Her style is always elegant and on point and ultra-classy. Veen Nio prides herself in turning you into looking like a million bucks – like you’ve spent the whole day getting ready, when in reality she probably only took less than 2 hours!

Customers lover her sassy, confident and cheerful personality. Always making you smile and have a good time, Veen Nio embodies a very woman’s woman. Classy, poised and professional and she knows what she’s doing without ever hesitating.

If you’re looking to be the queen of the night or attending a black-tie event and want to look like the classiest person in the ball, Veen Nio is the one for you. Her lines are perfectly on point and sharp, styled sleek and no hair is out of place. She’ll check your look a dozen times before she’s fully done to make sure everything is perfect as can be, and then she finishes it off with her finishing spray. Getting her for the Glam Makeup & Hairdo package is always a luxurious treat.

And if you’re a bride who wants to look like a queen on the day…. You have nothing to worry about and just sit back, relax and enjoy every minute. Bridal makeup is one of her favourite avenues to be creative and transformative. You’ll be so elegant that everyone’s eyes will be on you.

Getting professional makeup artists for your special occasions has never been this easy. Save your time, save the hassle, save the trouble to source the right artist all at a reasonable and affordable price. You’ll look good and feel good ;)