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Posted on January 13 2022


The greatest gift is the one that comes from heart.

Showing appreciation is crucial because according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization is on the fifth stage where one feels confident in what they do. Once one gains recognition from their superior, they vow to do better to maintain good relationship; consequently produce better work. And there's no better time to gift a motivation-inducing gifts to your stakeholders and employees other than now. Let's welcome them back to office with a little surprise!

Aside from thinking where to eat for dinner, choosing gifts is also a dilemma for lots of people. One can never know what a person wants or needs unless they spell it out to you. Knowing Asians, they are too shy to ask anything and will accept anything open heartedly. But that doesn’t mean you can just pick the priciest thing you see on an aisle. You have to give some thoughts for it to become a thoughtful gift. The most expensive gift is not measured by price, attention to little things is.

And that brings us to the next dilemma. Finding gifts is hard as it is but finding a thoughtful  appreciation gift? Phew, it's not going to be a walk in a park, but a run for the hills one. It can be a sleepless journey to think of something that is not necessarily practical for day-to-night needs and yet does not collect dust because it has been sitting on the top shelf, forgotten by everyone. 

Some people may have everything they need and some are too shy to ask anything from you. So, you are left with either scrutinising their daily lives intensely or prying information carefully without them noticing. We can’t help you with the private investigation activities but we are more than happy to offer an idea or two (or five!) on how to touch your receiver’s heart with these appreciation gifts.




Antigen Test Covid Care Pack, RM109

The greatest gift in life is good health. You can swim across the Pacific Ocean and hike the highest mountain in the world on your own legs if you are in a healthy state (sounds too ambitious but you get what I mean right?)

According to medical specialists in Johns Hopkins Medicine, once a patient is infected by COVID-19, they will experience mild symptoms for up to two weeks. But for some people, they suffer from long-term effects even when they have recovered from the acute phase of the illness. There is only one way to prevent any possible lingering health problem: by not getting infected.

Building resistance towards COVID-19 infection is not an easy task but not entirely impossible. One has to self-test every two weeks using reliable test kits from pharmacies, boost immune systems by taking supplements, and keep surroundings sanitized.

Getting this care package means you care about the receiver’s wellbeing especially if they live in a high-risk area. Some of them may take precautions lightly after getting vaccinated, but you can always remind them that we haven’t won the war against COVID-19 yet. That you are not ready to lose them to an agonizing virus.




Chocolate Care Pack with Personalised Photo and Greeting Card, RM35 

Do you know what’s more exciting than getting chocolate as a gift? Getting a chocolate set with a personalized photo and greeting card! Ditch the boring commercial chocolate wrapping and surprise them with customised wordings in their favourite colour. There are 5 colour variations to choose from: baby pink, burning red, sky blue, black & white, festive black (refer to picture), and royal blue.

This would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day because giving chocolate symbolises giving your heart for them to keep. FYI, chocolate boosts dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins which will impact their moods in a positive way afterwards. Each chocolate bar is wrapped carefully with a cheerful customised wrapper, giving you the merit of doing the most when in fact all you did was order with us in less than 5 minutes (but let’s keep it a secret shall we?) 

Your loved one’s happiness will rocket to the 7th sky when they read a meaningful greeting card. Who knows they will stick it to the refrigerator's door right?



 Abundance Prosperity Gift Package, RM139

From nutritious food to fun cookies, we got all in one package.Surprise your colleagues with this wholesome CNY gift package as if you’re there celebrating the festive with them. What more if you’re far away from them, this will magically bring your presence as they read a personalised greeting card that comes from your heart.

If you intend to gift this to your Muslim colleagues, don’t need to think hard because all of our curated items are halal. This would be an awesome experience for them because we bet mostly never experienced festive Chinese snacks before.

This package is versatile for all ages as it varies in types. For instance, Bird Nest with Honey and White Fungus Halal is great for the elders, CNY theme cookies for kids, pineapple tarts for young adults, and many more. Head out to our website to see what other Chinese Year Year gift items in the package this 2022.




Welcome Back to Office Care Package, RM99

After some time, government allows 100% capacity in any sector.This means homesick for some. To combat this problem, welcome back the employees to the office with an open arm and a surprise box! A wonderful way to appreciate your employees who have been hard-working and dedicated to their work during work from home. Perhaps with this little surprise, they will feel more driven to double their productivity and increase the company's revenues. 

In this curated care package, super bright colourful items are selected carefully so that employees and utilise each one fully. Practicality and user-friendly are emphasised especially if the users are always hopping from one place to another. 

Since COVID has become our #1 enemy, a lot of preventive measures are taken. Why not add another layer of protection by giving employees this multipurpose lunch box and cutlery pouch. We’ll never know who we are sharing the dining space with so it’s better to have a takeaway and eat in a secure place (ie: pantry). Planner is also included to manage time wisely and efficiently. 



Good Night Sleep Care Pack with Diffuser, RM 198

Your loved one has sleeping problems? Do you know lack of quality sleep can affect daily life? It might seem petty but a human’s body cannot function well without a proper rest. Just like a machine, the system will go off if it’s not switched off for a while. Some of the bad effects are poor coordination, high blood pressure, sudden weight gain, memory deterioration, and more.

Give them a little help by getting this “Good Night Sleep Care Pack with Diffuser” to improve sleep quality. This humidifier incorporates Ultrasonic technology to ensure no noise for a good night sleep. Comes with a wooden design inspired by nature, this mist diffuser can blend nicely with your interior concept without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Drop this oil according to your liking (preferably 2-3 drops) in 100 ml water to help improve air quality. The combination of lavender scent and essential oil can release relaxing hormones to bring tranquility and prep them for tomorrow's challenges.

The luxurious feeling knowing that a satin eye pillow packed with rosemary and lavender goodness are resting on the eyes is indescribable. Heat it up to improve blood circulation or leave it in the freezer to reduce dark circles and relieve headaches.

Perfect for International Thank You Day, show your care to the receiver’s health by being attentive to their fatigue. Warning; they might cry though so prepare a pack of tissue in your pocket!

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