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Top 7 Dinner Makeup Styles for the year 2021

Posted on December 29 2019

Top 7 Dinner Makeup Styles for the year 2021

Whether it’s new or old, some makeup trends are simply a pleasure to welcome back into the world of fashion and glamour. We’re referring to classics like the perms from the 80’s, eyebrows that resemble thick barbed wires and of course those fascinating bleached out lips.

Looking great has a lot to with your makeup. Every year brings with it a plethora of makeup styles that are surely worth the wait. And when you’ve been invited to a dinner out with friends and family or whether you’ve been blessed with the honor of hosting a dinner at your home, makeup on fleek is the call of the day.

We’re listing the top 7 dinner makeup styles for the year 2018 that are sure to impress all those around you. Let’s take a look.


Prom Night


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Prom night is supposed to be one of the most sought after and memorable events for teenagers graduating out from high school. As the target audience involved is young individuals, it’s all about keeping those makeup trends fresh and clean. And age appropriate of course.

Whether you plan on having your attire classic or over the top, your makeup should always be subtle overall with a touch of oomph here and there. This 2018, it’s all about those pop color lips in shades of red, pinks and fuchsia. Vibrant and plump up lips will definitely make your smile in those pictures stand out.

Keep your look fresh and young with the application of eye shadows in more shimmer tones than matte. There’s just something revitalizing and clean about shimmer, whether on the eyes, cheeks or lips.

Wedding Dinner


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It’s always never ending wedding season and this year, you can take your wedding look from drag to fab with these awe inspiring makeup tips.

2018 is about eye makeup to die for. It’s the attack of the black. Yes you heard that right. This year has begun with great emphasis on carrying out that black eyeliner in style. Whether you love winging it out, draping it thick around those lash lines or simply creating graphic shapes, this black beauty can take your look to a whole new level.

And if those dramatic eyes weren’t enough, 2018 calls for thick and voluminous lashes too. Whether you’ve got natural lashes or eyelash extensions, double coating with your mascara is a must. And ladies remember; when you’ve got a strong eye makeup game going on, keep other elements like your lips and cheeks more on the coral, nude and pastel side for the ultimate balanced look.

Gala Dinner


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Gala dinners are always a fun formal event to enjoy with your close friends and work partners. And if there’s one occasion you’ve got to look your best, this event scores high on the list.

Dinner makeup styles for Galas should radiate royal and regal vibes all the way. This year, aim for the perfect golden glow makeup appeal and we guarantee you’ll have heads turning for all the right reasons.

Give your makeup arsenal a kick with the application of smoky eyes, nude yet glossy lips and that sexy glow using a top brand’s highlighter. Use an eye catching highlighter in hues of vibrant metallic gold and we promise you’ll thank us for those praises coming all night long.

Celebrities from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyonce and Selena Gomez are all following this makeup trend to sheer glory, landing them on the best dressed list this 2018.

Church Ceremony


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Church ceremonies are usually held during the morning session and are always a great event to attend. You’re surrounded by friends, neighbors, and relatives all around. And some you haven’t seen for ages literally.

Looking presentable at sessions like these is always pleasing to the eyes. This is the best time to rock the Korean makeup styles such as the popular dewy skin, gradient lips, and puffy eyes. Bear in mind not everyone can pull these off so make sure you test the look first if you are uncertain. In addition, the humidity level and weather in tropical countries might cause more oily skin. Stay in an air-conditioned environment if you want to maintain a glowy complexion all day long. Know your skin and consult your makeup artist before attempting any look that you may not be familiar with.

Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup styles for registration of marriage events. Keep it modern day chic with nude eyes, rose gold blush and rich luscious lips. You may not opt for darker hues but try on rich shades of plums and cherries to balance those pastel eyes.

Annual Dinner


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Annual dinners are your moment to shine ladies and what better way of doing so than by flaunting that dewy skin in a glorified manner. We’re talking about uber-highlighted skin all the way.

Create your own signature makeup look, inspired by the professionals of course, by making use of glow the right way.

Opt for holographic pigments on the eyes or maybe a dash of glitter eye shadow. If that’s not your cup of tea, give your skin that radiance with a sheer illuminating base or a fancy stand out highlighter. Don’t forget those bold lips in icebox shades too.

Media Event


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When you decide on attending any TV show, celebrity or any media event, cameras and flashes will constantly be flickered your way. Your makeup foundation will generally need to be thicker so you will not look plain under the bright flashing lights. Do not be surprised if your skin looks fairer than usual as it will turn out alright on screens. Consult your makeup artist first on the event scope if the shoot is done for professional, advertising or even entertainment purposes. 

Inspired from the likes of top super models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, you can turn your makeup level up a notch with a well rounded and finished look.

Round off those sharp winged eyeliners, add in those retro clumpy eyelashes and dawn those eyes with metallic eyeshades. Don’t forget those bold and beautiful lips with a shot of clear lip gloss through your frosted lip color.

Professional Event


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Professional event call for dinner makeup trends that accentuate all your facial features yet disguise your flaws. An important tip to remember this year is that less is more, especially at semi formal gatherings like these.

Don't want to lose attention even when you're standing far across the room? Give your eyes that sexy appeal with art deco inspired cat eyes and voluminous lashes. Now move on to rosy flushed cheeks, perfectly paired with ultra-matte foundations. Remember, glow isn’t advised at events like these. Go simple with other areas on the face if you already have a full lash look. Opt for lip colors in peach, pinks, and reds. The key here is to look fabulous but not overly dressed.

There you have it. Dinner makeup trends for 2018 that are sure to set your stance on fire. Remember ladies, don’t forget that confidence. It will surely allow your makeup to shine through in both reality and in pictures.

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