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Top 5 Ideas to Refresh and Rejuvenate Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Posted on July 15 2020

Top 5 Ideas to Refresh and Rejuvenate Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Good news! If you haven’t caught up with the latest update already, RMCO (Recovery Movement Control Order) has officially started since June 10th and will continue till August 31st, 2020.

With the new phase of MCO, day-to-day operations within Malaysia will be a lot more relaxed thanks to the Government’s proactive steps taken to curb the number of Covid-19 cases in our country. With the past few bleak months behind us, it’s now time to bid adieu to home quarantine and finally say Hi to stepping outside the house!

Although RMCO has been announced – there are some DO’s and DONT’s guidelines during this last phase of MCO. To firmly ensure that the entire country is free from Covid-19, we must carry out all our outdoor activities with maximum care. So, the Government has laid down a few SOP’s for the same.

To briefly touch upon the guidelines:


  • Commercial events that involve marketing and promotional activities
  • Meetings, workshops, seminars, lectures, and conferences
  • Engagement receptions, Wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations, and Religious ceremonies
  • Beauty salons and parlours have resumed operations with strict adherence to SOPs
  • Inter-state travel
  • Schools, Childcare center
  • Restaurants and Mamak eateries
  • Opening of morning markets, night markets, and bazaars
  • Gyms, indoor sports venues, halls, and snooker centers
  • Religious activities in mosques and other houses of worship at a limited capacity


    DONT’s –

    • Overseas travel of Malaysians and inbound travels involving foreign tourists entering Malaysia
    • Watersports like swimming as well as tournaments and sports competitions
    • Pubs, Nightclubs, Reflexology Centers, Karaoke Centers, Theme Parks, mass religious and other activities that make it difficult to adhere to social distancing


    So, if you’re looking to organize events involving social gatherings such as weddings, product launch, office events and birthdays or any commercial and promotional events, follow the SOP guidelines of the new norm and you’re good to go.

    Please ensure that social distancing measures are taken care, hand sanitizers are provided, face masks are worn by all, disinfecting of every nook and corner of the premises is done and entry and exit points of the venue are kept under control.

    Gradually, as the government is working on recovering the lost economy of our country, individuals and businesses like yourself are also looking to transition back to pre-MCO life.

    We’re sure most of you would have been working from home since the MCO had been announced. And now, you might have started heading back to the office for the “normal” office routine -- traversing back and forth, packing lunch, dressing up, etc. No more pajamas or working on your bed, it’s back to the cubicle, back to office colleagues, back to face the boss!

    As you head back to your normal routine and get into the social groove, we have a few ideas to help rejuvenate and refresh your mind and soul. To add that extra zest of energy, to gain the potential to face more challenges with a badass attitude and to conquer all your daily tasks outside with maximum productivity so you can come back home and unwind with your family...

    Idea 1:- Grazing tables and cheese platters to exercise your taste buds

    YUM! If you’re a tiny bit health conscious or just want to switch up from cupcakes feast, then this idea is for you. The grazing platters are large arrangements of various ingredients and are set up to encouraging eaters to pair multiple ingredients as per their choice at any given time.

    Grazing platters and grazing tables for events and gatherings have suddenly sprung up everywhere in KL. And even if you’re looking to comfortably sit at home and bring this luxurious experience to your home – that could work as well since now you can order these platters online. Set up a nice spread at the comfort of your home and have a slow, rejuvenating

    For more : Link


    Idea 2:- High Tea Manicure Pedicure to bond with your gal pals

    Enough of FaceTime and WhatsApp video call – now it’s time to spend some “real” quality time with your pals!

    This option is a grand combination of manicure pedicure along with high tea patisseries to celebrate your private occasion at home or elsewhere.

    Just picture sitting along with your gal pals for a birthday or just any other event – you’re bonding with each other over cupcakes and pamper sessions – nothing screams pure sisterhood more than this!

    Once you book manicure pedicure through few simple steps on the website, Effortless sends beauty professionals to your doorstep along with boxes of super delicious and indulgent patisseries from Popelini. The double celebration made perfectly memorable for any private occasion.

    Besides, now that MCO has been relaxed, it was recently announced that weddings can be planned and taken place. This is great news for you or your friends who are getting married sometime soon… End the MCO by having a party for your bestie by calling all her favourite friends for this special occasion.

    Just book a beauty service for your bestie and the gang, book delicious patisseries, and also pick a venue that will match the bride’s personality. With a few online bookings, you’ll be hailed as the bestest friend ever to give a super special experience to your to-be-married buddy!


    Idea 3:- Wine and Dine to enjoy an evening of pure luxury

    Sometimes, you want to save up money and splurge it on a high-end luxurious experience just because you deserve it. And with MCO keeping us away from friends for a long time along with the world being depressed these past few months – you just want to do something different and celebrate being alive!

    That’s when wine and dine could be an option to choose. Menu designed with high-end good-quality dishes created by Master Chefs, your evening will be an experience for your palate and your soul.

    With KL having some great wine and dine restaurants to choose from, no matter which part of town you live in – don’t forget to gather your friends and have a great time!

    For more: Link

    Idea 4:- Personal Chef to let the professional take care of you for once

    If you’re looking to offload your kitchen duties for a day where a professional chef will take your place to cook delicious meals for you and your family at the convenience of your home – then look no further.

    With many popular personal chef options available in KL, chefs that are easily booked online will bring all the fresh ingredients and cook required meals catered to your specific taste buds. The only thing that can go wrong with this option is too much food! This is not a problem, because no need to tapau your food. All the leftovers will be right in your kitchen so you can indulge in this excellent chef’s food the next day as well.

    So, kick back and relax while you enjoy the finest luxurious meals in your favorite place in the world – your home.

    For more: Link



    Idea 5:- Hiring mobile therapist for quick pampering at the comfort of private occasions or events

    With work from home and not having proper office chair to support your posture, a lot of unwanted stress and tension get created in shoulders, back, and neck. A massage at home becomes the best choice in this situation, so pamper yourself and your friends with a massage by professional massage therapists. Experience relief from all tension and stress as the professionals bring the required equipment to your home. What better way to become super-productive on your next Monday meeting than to end your Sunday evening with a good old home massage!

    Alternatively, you can also choose to book a massage for private occasions or events. Plan a close, intimate session with your friends and enjoy stress-relief together.

    Book here today: Link


    Bonus Idea:-

    With fresh produce delivered to your doorstep, cook up a storm in the kitchen!

    That’s right. With so many facilities becoming ‘e’ such as e–salon, e-hailing, e-commerce, e-mail – it is time to explore e-produce. Order all the necessary fresh organic vegetables and fruits and stock up your refrigerator. Look up some great recipes online, bring in your family members to the kitchen and cook it out! All it takes is a few easy taps on your phone or laptop, and you have high-quality produce straight from the farm.

    For more: Link


    With the above 5 tips, we are sure you have gained some ideas to bring in the post-MCO phase soon. The world has witnessed a lot of losses during the past few months – it almost felt like a black and white movie with a melancholic soundtrack playing in the background. As philosophy goes, once the sun goes down, it comes up the next day. That’s exactly how it is with this year’s pandemic. Having experienced and lived through this phase, we can only look forward to better things happening in the near future.

    The best we can do now is remember to be grateful for this life and pray for the losses around the world. In terms of safeguarding the future, we should take maximum control of our health – simple steps to remember would be to take precautions, maintain personal hygiene, and carry a hand sanitizer, and not neglect the basic health of you and your family.

    With most of 2020 drowned in the pandemic, now it’s time to get back out there and live our best lives! Let’s do this – we owe it to ourselves.