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Which lash extension style suits your eye shape?

Posted on December 30 2019

Which lash extension style suits your eye shape?

Which lash extension style suits your eye shape?

How do we figure out the best way to ‘make-up’ our eyes?

Try eyelash extensions of course!

Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest ways to glam up your look. Eyelash extensions immediately brighten up your look and overall vibe.

So how to choose which type of eyelash extensions is right for you?

Firstly we need to determine what type of eye shape we have.

Just like the ever so wonderful diversity of Malaysian women, our eyes are of all kinds of shapes and sizes. While we may have similar Asian eyes (think mono lids), in reality every eye has a different dimension, width, length and texture altogether.

After we have determined what type of shape of eyes we have, we can then look into the different styles of eyelash extension offered. Not all types of styles suit every type of eye shape for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. Length of the individual eye lashes
  2. Thickness of the individual lashes
  3. Do we have enough natural lashes to hold the extensions?
  4. Will the extensions style make our eyes look bigger or overwhelm it?

The good news is that we have a handy guide to determine the right style for you! Check it out below:

If you have almond shaped eyes, you are fortunate as most styles will look great on you The reason is simply because your eyes are more even in width and length so it is easier to make sure the lash extensions are evenly spread out.

Of course, it depends on your personal preferences. If you would like a more dramatic look, a cat eye style will elongate your eyes and portray a more alluring and sexy look whereas if you opt to do a doll eye, your look tends to be more of a brighter, innocent and sweet look.

For close set eyes shapes, the ideal way to draw attention towards the outer corners of your eyes will be by adding longer lashes to the outer corners. Try to avoid all same length lash extensions as this will only highlight the closeness of your eyes and might even make it smaller. By adding longer lashes to the ends, it will be creating depth and length and make your eyes appear more even and bigger.

Try to avoid thicker lashes as this will create a very heavy look that borders on out of control! Close set eyes tend to have very sharp eyes, so try to balance it with a subtle cat eye lash shape instead.

If you have hooded eyes, that means you have quite an extra layer of skin above the creases of your eyes. If your lid happens to overlap and sit on top of your lash line, you will want to open your eyes. The most suitable style will be the squirrel style.

How it works is by adding fullness and lengthier lashes to the center of the eyes and tapers off towards the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

By using the squirrel style, your eyes will be more open and bright as this particular type of eyelash extension style creates a more dramatic effect by adding depth and in hiding the eyelid.

As for the typical Asian lady like us, having mono lid eye shapes are quite the challenge when it comes to eye makeup and styles! Single eye lids have little to no visible crease. Sometimes when we put eyeshadow or liner it totally disappears. Ho frustrating!

But the good news with eyelash extensions you will be able to see it! Extensions can create a more open and larger eye shape in no time. Women with mono lids tend to have very straight lashes. So when choosing a type of extension, a curl with more flare is the way to go to add drama.

The most suitable style will be a baby doll look or a natural look with a hint of cat’s eye to add extra length to the outer corners and for it to flare (like a fan). This is will really brighten up your look.

And last but not least, if you have big round eyes shape, you’re so blessed! Most ladies with big eyes tend to highlight their eyes as it is their dominant feature. However if you have big round eyes, you should try to stay away from squirrel style as it will make your eyes look too big, almost scary because you’d like a deer caught in headlights!

The more suitable one would be a natural eye style as your eyes don’t need much help in opening your eyes. Natural style will make you look more polished and elegant without over doing it.

Still not sure what type of lashes and eye shape you have?

A good lash artist will sit down with you before your appointment and discuss with you before starting. She will measure your eyes, put some model samples and ask you about your daily routine.

Are you the type who will allocate a set time in the morning to get ready or are you an on the go type? These lifestyle factors can definitely influence the selection of your lashes.

But the main point of having eyelash extensions is to simply..


Enjoy them! Enjoy waking up in the morning knowing your look is on fleek!